Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

Winners: Sin Cara, Sheamus and Rey Mysterio

- After the match, the three celebrate until they notice Otunga trying to get up. He turns around to a big Brogue Kick from Sheamus as the crowd pops. Sheamus' music hits as they celebrate some more and we go to replays.

- Still to come, John Cena will speak. Back to commercial.

- Another segment with Kane and Daniel Bryan at the local restaurant with Dr. Shelby. Shelby wants them to take a bite of each others food. Bryan bits into Kane's meatball and Kane eats a piece of Bryan's salad. Shelby asks how Kane feels and he burps in his face. Bryan says the meatball wasn't as bad as he thought but starts convulsing and throws up in Shelby's lap. Kane asks for the check and that's it.

- Cole is at ringside. He says it's time to vote for the new name of Kane and Daniel Bryan's tag team. The options are #teamteamwork for Team Teamwork, #teamhellno for Team Hell No and #teamfriendhship for Team Friendship. Back to commercial.

- Back from commercial and out comes one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan. His partner Kane is out next. Cole is in the ring and he reveals their name to be Team Hell No. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow attack from behind and lay the champions out. Sandow says they did this to themselves. Cody introduces them as the next WWE Tag Team Champions, dubbing them Team Rhodes Scholars. Sandow says now they have a reason to be angry and they're welcome.

- We get a look back at earlier tonight where Paul Heyman proposed to AJ Lee. We also see Mick Foley's promo with CM Punk from earlier tonight. Still to come tonight, John Cena will speak. Back to commercial.

Layla and Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix

Back from the break and out comes Layla with her partner Alicia Fox. Out next comes WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres with her partner Beth Phoenix.

Layla starts off with Beth and kicks her in the gut. Layla with a shot out of the corner for a quick 2 count. Layla drops Beth on her face and in comes Alicia. Alicia with offense and a dropkick. Beth turns it around in the corner but gets rolled up for 2. Fox fights her off but gets caught in a big slam. Beth stomps on her and hits a slingshot suplex as Eve tags herself in. Eve knocks Layla off the apron and hits a neckbreaker on Alicia for the win.

Winners: Eve and Beth Phoenix

- After the match, Beth looks upset with Eve. Kaitlyn comes out on a crutch. She has the security footage from Night of Champions when she was attacked. Kaitlyn says she couldn't see the attackers face but did see her hair. Kaitlyn says she was attacked by a blonde. Eve points at Beth and accuses her of attacking Kaitlyn. Beth says it wasn't her and she would never do such a thing. Beth turns around and Eve kicks her in the gut. Eve drops Beth with a neckbreaker as Kaitlyn looks on.

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