- WWE Diva Kelly Kelly did a photoshoot on Wednesday for Let It Fly Energy shots. Others taking part in the shoot included rapper Timbaland, American Idol's Erica Van Pelt plus MMA stars Gray Maynard and Ryan Bader.

- WWE's website has a interview up with Wade Barrett talking about his elbow finisher - The Souvenir. Barrett says he used the move back during his bare-knuckle fighting days. He added:

"It's a variation of a knockout blow. In bare-knuckle fighting, you're always looking to disable your opponent as quickly as possible. I have gone back to my roots as a fighter and it was something I wanted to bring into my arsenal. Wasteland and the Winds of Change are still there in my arsenal. I just think people are more intimidated by the prospect of getting an elbow smashed into their temple than the prospect of a slam."

- WWE Hall of Famer Edge wrote the following on Twitter about this week's SmackDown match between his girlfriend Beth Phoenix and Natalya. The match will air on Friday night:

"So I hear @TheBethPhoenix and @NatbyNature had a great match last night #shouldabeenappv #imagineiftheyhad15mins"

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