JBL Talks WWE Hall Of Fame, If He Would Be Interested In One More Match

JBL Talks WWE Hall Of Fame, If He Would Be Interested In One More Match

Source: Hollywood Life

Hollywood Life recently interviewed JBL, who is currently climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for his Seven Summits Bermuda Challenge. Here are some highlights:

If he would be interested in one more match at WrestleMania next year: "I have zero and no desire for one more match. I mean you never say never, but I have no desire at all for one more match. WWE has never brought up one more match, so I don't err see it happening. You never know, but I have no desire to have one! There certainly isn't one in the cards, its something that I don't care to do."

If he would be interested in being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame: "I would be tremendously honored if the Hall of Fame knocked on my door, that would be the biggest career highlight a person could ever have to even have my name mentioned as a possibility is quite an honor considering the great superstars that are in there. That is a lifetime achievement that is phenomenal. That is completely out of my control, I hope someday somebody puts my name up and I hope I am not laughed out of the room. But I can't control that, it would be a tremendous honor. Its not something I am expecting. There are plenty of great performers that should go ahead of me in the Hall as very well they should be."

JBL also discussed returning to commentary, if he would be interested in starring in a WWE Studios movie about his climbs and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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