It was reported Friday that WWE may have canceled, or at least delayed, its scheduled DVD and Blu-ray release, WWE: The Attitude Era, based on the title's removal from internal video release schedules for both the United States and Australia. This report is false.

WWE spokesman Adam Hopkins contacted Wrestling Inc. to debunk the report. The title will be released as scheduled on November 20, 2012.

Here is the official synopsis for WWE: The Attitude Era, "In the late-90s, WWE was struggling for ratings survival while a cultural shift in the viewing audience's taste was occurring. "Saying your prayers and taking your vitamins" had lost its luster a month the rebellious masses who preferred "flipping the bird" and "laying the smackdown" Enter Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and Mankind and the notorious crop of edge and fearless Superstars who ushered in The Attitude Era.

"Now in this three-DVD set fans can own all the infamous moments from this controversial and revolutionary eta that redefined sports entertainment for an entire generation. Over 8-hours of envelope-pushing content includes all the agression, antics and innuendos that proved to be the perfect cocktail for an explosion of popularity."

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