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Tonight's show begins with the opening theme and pyro. We are in Buffalo, NY. Tonight, Randy Orton will face Big Show. We go to the ring as Big Show makes his entrance, We see a video of him knocking out Brodus Clay and Tensai on RAW.

Big Show says the most dominant force is back and he wants the World Title back. He says his last reign lasted 45 seconds. He says that was embarrassing and he had to watch the guy who beat him get beaten by Sheamus in 18 seconds at WrestleMania while he was in a match being ridiculed. He says nobody is making fun of him anymore. He says he's the one man on the roster than can defeat Sheamus. Randy Orton's music hits and he slowly makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Orton says he finds it funny how he's talking about beating Sheamus when he has yet to take out the most sadistic, dominant individual on the show, him. He says he has learned that their match tonight is for the #1 Contendership. He says he's a 9 time champion and if Show thinks he's going to stand between him and a 10th reign then he might not be standing. Show says he guesses than someone will either get hit with an RKO or a KO. Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he interjects as he makes his way down the aisle. He gets in the ring and gets hit with the RKO as Orton leaves up the ramp. We see a graphic for the debut of Miz Tv, tonight's guest: Sheamus. Santino faces Antonio Cesaro for the U.S. Title, next.

We're back from break and we see a video of Santino vs. Cesaro from last week with Aksana getting dumped by Cesaro. We go to the ring and Lilian Garcia makes the introductions.

United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Santino

Antonio comes down without Aksana. Santino is out next. Cesaro gets a decided lead, early. Santino works his way up and from a headlock and hits a takedown and a bodyslam and goes for the Cobra. Cesaro cuts him off and goes for his throw but Santino rolls him up for 2. Cesaro hits an uppercut and hits his throw for a 2. Santino lands a Superkick out of nowhere and gets 2 on Cesaro. Cesaro goes up top but Santino cuts him off with a superplex attempt. Cesaro tries to go for the Neutralizer but Santino throws him off over his back and goes for a flying headbutt but Cesaro moves and Santino kisses the canvas. Cesaro hits the Gotch-Style Neutralizer for the win.

Winner by pin and STILL WWE United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro

We see a replay and a graphic for our main event and go to commercial.

We're back and Josh Mathews and Michael Cole talk about Kane and Daniels Bryan. Josh sends to a video of the restaurant scene from RAW.

We go to the ring at the tail-end of Beth Phoenix' entrance; Natalya is already in the ring. We see a Tout from Eve saying that she takes her position and the attack on Kaitlyn very seriously and this new information will garner serious repercussions.

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

The women shake hands and lock-up. Cole and Josh talk about all the Tweets between the all the women recently. Josh says Natalya has blonde hair as well, so she could have been the one who attacked Kaitlyn. Beth backs Natalya up with a finger in the chest and gets a slap in the face for it. Beth pauses and hits a double leg takedown. The crowd chants, "Let's go Buffalo." Beth plays to the hometown crowd and goes to the 2nd ropes and leaps off into a Sharpshooter. Natalya drags her to the center of the ring but Beth crawls back and finally reaches the rope and the hold is broken. Beth counters Natalya with a Glam Slam and is shocked that Natalya kicked out. They trade roll-ups and Beth comes out with the pin.

Winner by pin: Beth Phoenix

Beth cries as her arm is raised. Eve's music hits and she comes on the stage and says she wants to apologize for acting in the heat of the moment on RAW. She says until the investigation is completed, she is suspended. Beth protests that she didn't do it. Natalya yells at her to leave her out of this. We see a graphic of CM Punk saying "Pipe Bomb" as we go to commercial. An ad for Main Event on Ion is shown.

We're back as Booker T and Teddy Long talk about the tag team division. Booker proposes an 8-Team Single Elimination Tournament to determine the #1 contenders to face Kane & Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell. Beth comes in complaining about being suspended and Eve walks in as well. Booker reverses the decision. Eve apologizes and says there must have been some miscommunication. She says that Teddy told her to do it. Teddy says he didn't tell her anything. Eve says Teddy is jealous and walks away. Booker looks at Teddy all funny and tells him to give him some time to think about this.

We go to Cole and Josh who talk about the Susan G. Komen initiative. We go to the RAW Rebound of Mick Foley and CM Punk. We see Miz looking in a mirror backstage as he gets make-up for Miz TV. We go to commercial.

We see a promo for Saturday Morning Slam and we return to Zack Ryder in the ring at the end of his entrance. Wade Barrett is introduced.

Zack Ryder vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett takes control with smash-mouth offense. He hits a slam for a 2 count. Barrett hits shots in the corner and bounces Ryder off the ropes and delivers a backbreaker across his knee. Ryder works his way up and hits a faceplant and a dropkick off the 2nd ropes. Ryder calls for the Boot but Barrett slides out of the ring and gets caught with a boot to the face through the ropes. Ryder goes out and brings him back in. Barrett hits a vicious clothesline which sends Ryder to the outside. Barrett brings him in and hits the Souvenir for the win.

Winner by pin: Wade Barrett

Barrett celebrates on the corner ropes. We go to more from Kane and Bryan from Monday. We see the part where they do the When Harry Met Sally bit with Mae Young. We go to Sheamus walking to the arena for his appearance on Miz TV and go to commercial.

We're back and The Miz TV set is set-up in the ring. Miz is in the ring and he welcomes us to the show and begins to put his show over as Sheamus' music interrupts him and he comes to the ring. Sheamus throws one of the stools out of the ring, takes Miz' mic and talks about Ryback's appearance on the 1st Miz TV. He asks him questions but keeps taking the mic away before he can answer and answers for him. Miz says last time he checked he was Intercontinental Champion. He talks about being in movies, Mick Foley's book, and his own radio show. He says people pay to see him. Sheamus says nobody pays to see him. Miz asks why Sheamus doesn't seem worried about the #1 Contenders Match later tonight. Sheamus calls him a loud-mouthed, frog-faced, Hollywood-wannabe. He says nobody takes the World Title more seriously than him. He says he knows what these people paid for and he will be happy to give it to them.

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler interrupt and walk down the ramp and Vickie jaw-jacks. Dolph takes the mic and says he can talk for himself. He gets in the ring and says it doesn't matter who Sheamus has to face for the tile. He holds up his Money in the Bank briefcase and says that is all that matters. He guarantees than when Hell in a Cell closes, he will be World Champion. Miz enjoys this from a stool as Sheamus basically tells him to bring it. Sheamus takes out Miz and then Ziggler. The men brawl and take out some furniture. Sheamus tosses both men out and stands tall in the ring. We see the brackets for the tag team tournament. The Uso's face the Rhodes Scholars next. We go to commercial.

We're back as The Uso's and Rhodes & Sandow make their entrances. Rhodes & Sandow come out to Cody's theme and shake hands on the ramp.

#1 Contenders Tag Team Title Tournament: Uso's vs. Rhodes Scholars

Sandow takes control of Jimmy. Jimmy hits a Samoan Drop. Both men make tags. Jey hits a flurry on Cody including the Running Stinkface but Sandow breaks the count and slides out of the ring. Jey hits a Superkick on Cody and tags Jimmy. Sandow takes out Jey from the outside. Jimmy flies off the top but Cody gets his knees up and hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winners by pin and advancing in the tournament: Rhodes Scholars

We go to more footage of the restaurant scene from RAW and go to commercial.

We return with a promo for The Rock-Cena DVD. Tensai is in the ring pacing as Ryback's music hits.

Tensai vs. Ryback

Tensai dwarfs Ryback. They lock-up and Tensai takes the advantage but Ryback no-sells for the most part. Ryback hits a belly-to-belly and waits for Tensai to get up. Tensai cuts Ryback off with a sit-down double chokeslam for 2 consecutive near-falls. Ryback recovers with a thunderous clothesline and lifts Tensai on his back and stomps around and drops the behemoth for the impressive finish.

Winner by pin: Ryback

Ryback chants with the fans in the ring. We see Randy Orton walking backstage for his match as he is attacked by Del Rio. Alberto pushes an equipment crate into Orton and is called off by a ref. Randy writhes on the floor as we go to commercial.

We return with a promo for Ryback on RAW this Monday and a replay of what just happened to Orton. We go to the ring as Big Show makes his way down the ramp. Orton's music hits and Del Rio walks out to a sea of boos. He says it looks like Orton won't be able to compete tonight. Del Rio says he will be taking his place. Orton attacks him from behind and sends him into the logo. Orton limps down the ramp as we go to commercial.

We get another promo for Main Event. Sheamus will face CM Punk on the inaugural episode this Wednesday.

World Championship #1 Contenders Match: Big Show vs. Randy Orton

Show stalks Orton as he closes in and Orton fights back with punches. Show hits a headbutt that takes Orton down. Orton favors his ribs as Show acknowledges it. Show squeezes Orton's ribs with his huge hands. Cole says his hands are as wide as a football. Show yells that he's the only one that can be World Champion. Show stands on Orton with leverage from the ropes and then applies a Claw to the ribs again. Orton tries to fight back but Show won't let up. Show makes a lackadaisical cover for 2. Orton rolls out and Show follows him. Show drops Orton across the security wall as we go to commercial.

We're back and Show is standing over Orton in the corner. Orton gets caught in a chokeslam but he counters with a DDT. Show kicks out of a pin with authority. Orton starts to stomp Show. Show delivers several body shots to Orton and yells at him to quit. Show punches Orton out of the ring and gives chase. Show reverses and drives Show into the steel post. Orton hits a boot to Show on the apron but is unable to hit the ropes-DDT. Show calls for the chokeslam but Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere. Show kicks out at 2. Randy goes for a punt but Show catches him with a chokeslam but Orton kicks out at 2. Show hits another chokeslam and gets the win.

Winner and NEW #1 World Championship Contender: Big Show

Show gets back in the ring and waits for Orton to stagger up and hits the WMD. Show asks for a mic and tells Sheamus he'll be seeing him at Hell in a Cell. We see a replay of the WMD and trainers get in the ring to tend to Orton as they write him off TV so he can film his movie.

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