Thanks to reader Kaleb Huffman for sending in this report from last night's WWE live event at the St. Joseph Civic Arena in St. Joseph, MO:

The show opens with Justin Roberts introducing RAW General Manager AJ.

AJ comes to the ring and announces that John Cena will not be in St. Joseph. She says that The Big Show will replace Cena in the main event. Out comes an infuriated CM Punk, who confronts AJ and says that she is the worst GM ever. AJ responds by saying that tonight's main event will be a "fans choice" match, with fans voting to have a 2 out of 3 falls match (my personal choice) or a lumberjack match. Looks like we are going to have a lumberjack match. AJ says that full refunds will be given up until the second match because Cena was not there.

The first match was for the WWE Tag Team Championship with Daniel Bryan and Kane defending their titles against Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. The match had some great comedic spots mixed with good wrestling. Before the match started, Kane and Bryan held up their titles with Bryan being booed and Kane receiving loud cheers. Kane and Bryan controlled much of the match. One spot saw Kane, Truth and Kofi encouraging Bryan to join a group hug. Bryan proceeded to run towards the three and hit the turnbuckles with his legs. The finish saw Bryan going for the "No Lock" on Kofi, only to have Kofi power out. Kane blindly tagged Bryan's back and hit the chokeslam on Kofi for the victory.

The second match was for the WWE Divas Championship with Eve defending her title against Layla. Basic match between these two with Eve winning with her finisher. Both are mega hot live. Crowd really was not into this match.

Antonio Cesaro cut a pre-taped promo about his upcoming match with Zack Ryder. The promo generated some good heel heat for Cesaro.

Third match saw Michael Mcgillicutty defeat Dean Ambrose. I was surprised to see Ambrose had video graphics and actual music. The match had a really good spot when Ambrose knocked Mcgillicutty out of the ring and grabbed a chair from the outside and proceeded to sit in it. Mcgillicutty won with his lame finisher. Mcgillicutty played the face, which I found odd.

The fourth match was for the US Championship with Antonio Cesaro defending his title againstZack Ryder. Ryder had the crowd behind him, he was way over. Cesaro defeated him with the Neutralizer after Ryder missed a Ruff Ryder. Cesaro then left the ring celebrating in the entrance way, but decided to return to put the boots to Ryder. While he was stomping away, Ryder got up and whipped Cesaro into the ropes and gave him a Ruff Ryder.


The fifth match was Brodus Clay vs. Damien Sandow, and the Funkadactyls accompanied Clay to the ring. Then came Damien Sandow with a microphone in hand. Nice promo saying how he was our intellectual savior. The match was better than I expected. Sandow worked over Clay's knee, with both getting in a good amount of offense. The finish came when Clay hit the suplex on Sandow, followed by the splash for the three count. I was really surprised to see Sandow take the loss. After the match, Sandow crawled up the ramp on his belly then he slid back down. It was great stuff, I'm not sure how many people were watching him. Meanwhile Brodus was in the ring dancing with a handful of kids.

The sixth match was Santino vs. Tensai. Tensai dominated early on, and Santino seemed to be injured. A trainer came in and checked his knee out. Santino proceeded to do the power walk and walk it off. Tensai continued to dominate, although Santino mustered up some offense. The finish saw Santino's first Cobra attempt blocked by Tensai's forehead, only to see Santino go for it again and connect for the three count.

Next up for the WWE Championship: CM Punk vs The Big Show. First out comes The Big Show, followed by CM Punk. On his way down, my friend got into a war of words with Punk after he said ROH sucked and a few choice words about Colt Cabana. Then Punk cut a promo on how St. Joseph is a dump. He then points out a lady with huge puffy white hair sitting next to a guy with a cowboy hat. He proceeds to call her a Dolly Parton wannabe. Good stuff. Then out skips AJ with the results of the text/tweet poll. We are going to have ourselves a lumberjack match! Punk then tries to escape only to be thrown back into the ring by our lumberjack faces.

Daniel Bryan and Kane did not participate in the match. The start saw Show dominate with Punk getting in minimal offense. Show hit the big slap on Punk a few times and it was awesome seeing the reactions by the rest of the superstars. Punk tried the same thing on Show but to no avail. Show hit a chokeslam on Punk for what seemed like it was going to be a 1-2-3. But, Damien Sandow put Punk's foot on the bottom rope. Show then pulled Sandow in the ring and a melee broke out on the outside with all of the superstars running to the back. Punk then hit Show in the head with his title for the DQ. Kofi and Truth tried to make the save, but Punk laid them out with title shots. Show then gets back up and lays Punk out with the WMD.

Show, Kofi and Truth pose at the top of the stage and Charles Robinson rolls out a utility cart and the staff sets a limp CM Punk on top of the cart and they roll him away to end the show.

Biggest Pops
1. Kane
2. Big Show
3. CM Punk

Most Heat
1. CM Punk
2. Daniel Bryan
3. Damien Sandow

The arena was 95% full. No tarp offs.

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