Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Tons Of Video

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler interrupt and walk down the ramp and Vickie jaw-jacks. Dolph takes the mic and says he can talk for himself. He gets in the ring and says it doesn't matter who Sheamus has to face for the tile. He holds up his Money in the Bank briefcase and says that is all that matters. He guarantees than when Hell In A Cell closes, he will be World Champion. Miz enjoys this from a stool as Sheamus basically tells him to bring it. Sheamus takes out Miz and then Ziggler. The men brawl and take out some furniture. Sheamus tosses both men out and stands tall in the ring. We see the brackets for the tag team tournament. The Uso's face the Rhodes Scholars next. We go to commercial.

We're back as The Uso's and Rhodes & Sandow make their entrances. Rhodes & Sandow come out to Cody's theme and shake hands on the ramp.

#1 Contenders Tag Team Title Tournament: Uso's vs. Rhodes Scholars

Sandow takes control of Jimmy. Jimmy hits a Samoan Drop. Both men make tags. Jey hits a flurry on Cody including the Running Stinkface but Sandow breaks the count and slides out of the ring. Jey hits a Superkick on Cody and tags Jimmy. Sandow takes out Jey from the outside. Jimmy flies off the top but Cody gets his knees up and hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winners by pin and advancing in the tournament: Rhodes Scholars

We go to more footage of the restaurant scene from RAW and go to commercial.

We return with a promo for the Rock-Cena DVD. Tensai is in the ring pacing as Ryback's music hits.

Tensai vs. Ryback

Tensai dwarfs Ryback. They lock-up and Tensai takes the advantage but Ryback no-sells for the most part. Ryback hits a belly-to-belly and waits for Tensai to get up. Tensai cuts Ryback off with a sit-down double chokeslam for 2 consecutive near-falls. Ryback recovers with a thunderous clothesline and lifts Tensai on his back and stomps around and drops the behemoth for the impressive finish.

Winner by pin: Ryback

Ryback chants with the fans in the ring. We see Randy Orton walking backstage for his match as he is attacked by Del Rio. Alberto pushes an equipment crate into Orton and is called off by a ref. Randy writhes on the floor as we go to commercial.

We return with a promo for Ryback on RAW this Monday and a replay of what just happened to Orton. We go to the ring as Big Show makes his way down the ramp. Orton's music hits and Del Rio walks out to a sea of boos. He says it looks like Orton won't be able to compete tonight. Del Rio says he will be taking his place. Orton attacks him from behind and sends him into the logo. Orton limps down the ramp as we go to commercial.

We get another promo for Main Event. Sheamus will face CM Punk on the inaugural episode this Wednesday.

World Championship #1 Contenders Match: Big Show vs. Randy Orton

Show stalks Orton as he closes in and Orton fights back with punches. Show hits a headbutt that takes Orton down. Orton favors his ribs as Show acknowledges it. Show squeezes Orton's ribs with his huge hands. Cole says his hands are as wide as a football. Show yells that he's the only one that can be World Champion. Show stands on Orton with leverage from the ropes and then applies a Claw to the ribs again. Orton tries to fight back but Show won't let up. Show makes a lackadaisical cover for 2. Orton rolls out and Show follows him. Show drops Orton across the security wall as we go to commercial.

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