Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results With Tons Of Video Photo: Johnny Gee Photography
Tonight's show begins with the opening theme and pyro. We are in Buffalo, NY. Tonight, Randy Orton will face Big Show. We go to the ring as Big Show makes his entrance, We see a video of him knocking out Brodus Clay and Tensai on RAW.

Big Show says the most dominant force is back and he wants the World Title back. He says his last reign lasted 45 seconds. He says that was embarrassing and he had to watch the guy who beat him get beaten by Sheamus in 18 seconds at WrestleMania while he was in a match being ridiculed. He says nobody is making fun of him anymore. He says he's the one man on the roster than can defeat Sheamus. Randy Orton's music hits and he slowly makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Orton says he finds it funny how he's talking about beating Sheamus when he has yet to take out the most sadistic, dominant individual on the show, him. He says he has learned that their match tonight is for the #1 Contendership. He says he's a 9 time champion and if Show thinks he's going to stand between him and a 10th reign then he might not be standing. Show says he guesses than someone will either get hit with an RKO or a KO. Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he interjects as he makes his way down the aisle. He gets in the ring and gets hit with the RKO as Orton leaves up the ramp. We see a graphic for the debut of Miz Tv, tonight's guest: Sheamus. Santino faces Antonio Cesaro for the U.S. Title, next.

We're back from break and we see a video of Santino vs. Cesaro from last week with Aksana getting dumped by Cesaro. We go to the ring and Lilian Garcia makes the introductions.

United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Santino

Antonio comes down without Aksana. Santino is out next. Cesaro gets a decided lead, early. Santino works his way up and from a headlock and hits a takedown and a bodyslam and goes for the Cobra. Cesaro cuts him off and goes for his throw but Santino rolls him up for 2. Cesaro hits an uppercut and hits his throw for a 2. Santino lands a Superkick out of nowhere and gets 2 on Cesaro. Cesaro goes up top but Santino cuts him off with a superplex attempt. Cesaro tries to go for the Neutralizer but Santino throws him off over his back and goes for a flying headbutt but Cesaro moves and Santino kisses the canvas. Cesaro hits the Gotch-Style Neutralizer for the win.

Winner by pin and STILL WWE United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro

We see a replay and a graphic for our main event and go to commercial.

We're back and Josh Mathews and Michael Cole talk about Kane and Daniels Bryan. Josh sends to a video of the restaurant scene from RAW.

We go to the ring at the tail-end of Beth Phoenix' entrance; Natalya is already in the ring. We see a Tout from Eve saying that she takes her position and the attack on Kaitlyn very seriously and this new information will garner serious repercussions.

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

The women shake hands and lock-up. Cole and Josh talk about all the Tweets between the all the women recently. Josh says Natalya has blonde hair as well, so she could have been the one who attacked Kaitlyn. Beth backs Natalya up with a finger in the chest and gets a slap in the face for it. Beth pauses and hits a double leg takedown. The crowd chants, "Let's go Buffalo." Beth plays to the hometown crowd and goes to the 2nd ropes and leaps off into a Sharpshooter. Natalya drags her to the center of the ring but Beth crawls back and finally reaches the rope and the hold is broken. Beth counters Natalya with a Glam Slam and is shocked that Natalya kicked out. They trade roll-ups and Beth comes out with the pin.

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