CM Punk Talks John Cena, Colt Cabana, Planning For The Future, Sara Del Rey & More

CM Punk Talks John Cena, Colt Cabana, Planning For The Future, Sara Del Rey & More
Yesterday, C.M. Punk took part in a Q&A at the Wizard World Ohio Comic Con, answering a number of questions from fans. Topics ranged from; planning for the future, staying in shape, John Cena, Colt Cabana, Sara Del Rey and so much more. Here are some of the highlights:

On how far in advance wrestlers knew what they were going into storyline-wise: "Trust me when I tell you that [the writers] have no idea what they're doing. I'm sure somebody will rev that up and it'll be on the internet and somebody will be like, 'You know, you shouldn't have said that.'"

On how he stays motivated and in shape while being on the road: "Twitter. I enjoy 12-year-olds and people grossly out of shape telling me that I don't have muscles or that I'm fat. I enjoy working out, I actually enjoy doing it. So, that's my motivation. So, I like to do wacky things like run a marathon on six hour notice. I did that last year. I just try to challenge myself, I don't do it for anybody else."

On the wrestler he enjoys working with most and the wrestler he hates working with: "I don't think there's anybody left that I work with that I hate working with if that makes any sense. I think John Cena is going to wind up when my career is said and done being my best opponent. I'd like to think when his career is said and done that I might wind up being his best opponent, too. He's right up there with Rey Mysterio. I love wrestling those guys.

On how it felt beating John Cena in his hometown of Chicago for the WWE title: "At that exact moment, I was pretty tired. I was legit thinking -- because the title is like 35 pounds -- I have to sprint up a set of stairs and hold this above my head. I'm probably going to fall. That's what I was thinking. But, it was a great moment and a career highlight."

On the WWE's relationship with social media: "Social media with Twitter and Tout and all that stuff, to me, is a double-edged sword. A lot of times, I enjoy talking to fans when they ask me intelligent questions. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen super-often. For some reason, two parts of the world despise me and they are people from India and anybody in the United Arab Emirates. I get the most foul-mouthed, ridiculous tweets and I have no idea why. They tweet some pretty brutal stuff to me.

"But that's the thing, the fans can reach out to you and say whatever they want. I'm sure Patrick Stewart gets tweeted all kinds of stuff like, 'Kirk would kick your ass. You shouldn't be the captain of the Enterprise, you're boring. I won't watch Star Trek because of you.' I get the same stuff all the time. But I think that, overall, it's a positive thing."

On what his WWE fame has allowed him to do that he thought he'd never be able to do: "I don't know because I don't really think of myself as a celebrity. I think some of the best fan interactions I have are when I'm walking down the street and fans go, 'Hey, Punk,' and they wave and I go, 'Hey!' I think that's wild that that happens in my life. But, I don't know -- off the top of my head, I can't really think of anything. ... Yeah, stuff like [throwing the first pitch at the Cubs' game]. Perfect example. Being on the mount at Wrigley or singing a very off-key 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame.' Yeah, that's pretty wild that I've gotten a chance to do that."

On whether or not he's ever felt that the angle with Jericho involving his family went too far or if other storylines may have: "No, because I'd have to take you back to me singing 'Happy Birthday' to Aalyah Mysterio. That was pretty wild. I don't have kids, so I'm disconnected to that. But, I think that that was pretty messed up. A lot of people who have children were probably like, 'Man, that was too far.' But, you know, I thought it was pretty funny."

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