Thanks to reader Harkell72 for sending in these results from last night's RAW live event in Wichita, KS:

The show opens with Justin Roberts welcoming us to the show. AJ Lee enters to let us know that she has some bad news. WWE Champion CM Punk interrupts her and makes his way to the ring. He announces the bad news is that he does not have an opponent because John Cena is not there, so he will not be wrestling. AJ makes a match between him and Big Show and the crowd will choose if it's either a "2 out of 3 falls" match or a lumberjack match. Decent pop for AJ and a lot of heat on Punk with some "You Suck" chants. Justin then announces that if anyone wants a refund for the show, they can get one by the end of the second match.

WWE Tag Team Championship: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan (c)
R-Truth and Kofi enter first to decent pop. Daniel enters to a lot of heat and "Yes" chants. Kane is last and gets a little more pop than R-Truth and Kofi. Kane and Daniel do their "I am the tag team champions" back and forth, boos from the crowd when Daniel says it, cheers when Kane says it. Good match overall. Kofi got a few moves off the top rope, R-Truth got in some of his dance moves. There was even a hug it out moment with R-Truth and Kofi hugging. Then Kane hugging each of them leading to a three way hug, Daniel having none of it. Match ended with Kane choke slamming Kofi for the win.

WWE Diva's Championship: Eve vs. Layla
Decent match but nothing spectacular. Eve wins with her neck breaker.

Dean Ambrose vs. Michael McGillicutty
Not much crowd reaction for this match as most people headed off for snacks when it started. It was actually a good match for two people that don't get a lot of TV time. Michael wins with his Turning Heads.

Brodus Clay vs. Damien Sandow
Big pop for Brodus and decent heat for Sandow. Not quite a squash match, but offense from Sandow was limited. Brodus wins with his splash. After the match, Brodus brings in a few kids to dance with him. Sandow almost steals the show with his selling of being hurt after the match and not being able to get up the entrance ramp. He would get almost to the top and slide down to the bottom. He did that twice before he got to the top of the stage and then fell off the side of it. After Brodus made his exit we had a 15 minute intermission.

Santino Marella vs. Tensai
Good pop for Santino, some heat for Tensai. Decent match with some "Cobra" chants. Santino picks up the victory with the Cobra.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder
Big pop for Zack, big heat on Antonio with "USA" chants. Good back and forth action. Crowd was really behind Zack. Was looking for Antonio to hit his big upper cut but he did not get it. Zack hit his broski boot for a very close 2 count. Antonio wins it with his Neutralizer.

WWE Championship: Big Show vs. CM Punk in a Lumberjack match
Big Show out first to huge pop. CM Punk out to huge heat. CM gets a mic and starts running down the city of Wichita and its residents and says he will not participate in this match. He tries to leave but is redirected back to the ring by the lumberjacks. The lumberjacks consist of all the wrestlers that have participated tonight except for Kane and Daniel Bryan. Once CM is back in the ring Big Show has the mic and tells CM how he should respect the city and its people. Big Show starts to explain how Wichita is practically his back yard as he went to school here. The mic cuts out as he is doing this so he throws the mic down the entrance path and half way up the entrance ramp.

Match starts soon after that with Big Show getting some big slaps in early that echoed throughout the arena. Action goes back and forth for a decent match with the lumberjacks turning on each other and ending with CM hitting Big Show with the championship belt and being disqualified. CM continues to beat on Show until Kofi comes running out to try and stop him only to be hit with the GTS. Truth follows to be laid out as well. CM starts posing on the top rope. Once he comes down he is met with a WMD from Show. Show, Kofi, and Truth make their exit together leaving CM out cold in the ring.

Overall it was a great show with some great action.

Biggest Pops
1. Big Show
2. Zack Ryder
3. Santino Marella

Biggest Heat
1. CM Punk
2. Daniel Bryan
3. Antonio Cesaro

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