WWE's General Viewpoint On Women's Wrestlers Vs. Models, NXT Wrestler Loses Weight, Attendance

WWE's General Viewpoint On Women's Wrestlers Vs. Models, NXT Wrestler Loses Weight, Attendance Photo: Evan Hoffman

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- The general viewpoint among people in WWE is that there are two types of women who join the sports-entertainment organization. There are models who use the company as a stepping stone toward fame due to its substantial television presence. And then there are those who truly love wrestling, with Beth Phoenix and Natalya being the prime examples. However, it is said that the girls who perform for the love of the sport get easily frustrated because there is no reward for being talented in the ring, not to mention that they receive minimal television time to showcase their abilities. The model types are willing to wrestle for a few years, with the hope it leads to a break in the entertainment world, and bolt once they start attracting offers.

- The former Husky Harris, WWE developmental wrestler Bray Wyatt, has lost weight in recent months and is said to be down to 280 pounds. He has received rave reviews for his Cape Fear-esque character, which has been compared to that of former WWE Superstar Waylon Mercy. Many feel he would be on the main roster today if WWE chief Vince McMahon wasn't negative on his physique.

- Friday's Raw live event in St. Joseph, Missouri, drew 3,000 attendees paying $80,000. Saturday in Topeka, Kansas, drew 3,500 paying $110,000. Sunday in Wichita, Kansas, drew 4,000 for $125,000. Saturday's SmackDown live event in Abilene, Texas, drew 3,000 for $95,000. Sunday's show in Wichita Falls, Texas, drew 2,200 paying $55,000, which would be one of the lowest grossing events of the year.

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