Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video Photo: 1 Raiders Fan
We begin tonight with a recap of what happened last week between Storm and Roode. What will happen when King Mo jumps in? Hardy and Aries' feud and the Aces & 8's angle are chronicled. We go to Hogan's office and he talks to Sting about Aces & 8's. They need to pick someone for their team before the night is over; Sting is going to do some scouting. We go to pyro and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show.

We go to Mr. Anderson cutting a promo on the stage while introducing himself. He tells Hogan and Sting to watch this. Gunner makes his entrance with Kid Kash.

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner

Gunner goes right at Anderson and gets a decisive lead. Anderson hits a dropkick and Gunner goes out to regroup. Anderson gets out of the ring but is hit with a cheap shot by Kash as Sting looks on from a monitor in the back. Gunner hits a reverse elbow and a 2 in the ring. Gunner sends him into the corner but Anderson counters and hits a Mic Check out of nowhere for the win.

Winner by pin: Mr. Anderson

Kid Kash immediately jumps Anderson but ends up falling victim to a Mic Check as well.

We go to the back where Tara is talking on the phone about George and Stacey. Gail Kim interrupts and says they have a match. They have words and Kim tells her that if Tara wins the title back, then Kim is coming for her. We go to commercial.

We're back and we pan up from Christy Hemme's boots as she introduces Kim and Tara. Miss Tessmacher and ODB make their entrance. Taryn is in the ring as the ref.

Gail Kim & Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher & ODB

ODB starts off with Kim and takes her down then throws her into the corner and charges into her. ODB hits a slam and smacks her crotch and then Kim's butt. Tessmacher tags in and hits a dropkick which drops Kim in the corner, setting up for the Stinkface from Tessmacher. ODB tags back in but Kim avoids the Bronco Buster and tags Tara. ODB sends Tara in hard to the corner and delivers the Bronco Buster. Kim interferes from the apron which gives Tara the opening to take ODB down. Tara tags Kim who keeps the pressure on. Kim hits a nice clothesline for 2. Tara tags herself in and puts the boots to ODB. ODB gets her knees up to thwart Tara and leaps in for the tag to Tessmacher. Tara bumps around for her; Tessmacher sloppily misses a splash. Tessmacher uses Tara's hair for a faceplant but Kim breaks the cover which brings in ODB with her flask in hand. Kim drops ODB to the outside. Tara pushes Kim into Tessmacher and hits the Widow's Peak for the win.

Winner by pin: Tara & Gail Kim

We go to AL Snow and Bruce Prichard looking over some papers in the back and they say everything looks in order. Prichard tells Snow it's up to him to sign it and Snow says he will. Bruce sends Snow to get someone to look over the live events. We go to commercial.

We return to a video of the recent events involving Al Snow and Joey Ryan. Snow walks to the ring. Snow introduces Joey Ryan and he comes to the ring in a "Legalize Sleaze" T-shirt and a scarf. Ryan gets loud boos and "you suck" chants. Snow says he did something that put TNA in a bad spot and he apologizes to Ryan. Ryan tells him to say he's sorry from him not TNA management. Snow says he's sorry and extends his hand. Ryan says he's the one in control and calls Snow pathetic. He says he manipulated everyone and tonight is about him. He tells Snow to share the other agreement that was made per his legal team. Snow pulls out a contract for Ryan from TNA. Snow tries to get him to read it but Ryan stops him. Ryan tells Snow to turn around so he can sign it on his back. Snow is fighting hard to keep cool. Ryan dots some stiff "I's" on his back and hands the contract to Snow and tells him to announce the newest TNA Superstar. Snow tells him he should have read it more closely. Snow says he doesn't have a permanent spot because his contract is for only one night: Bound for Glory. Snow says he's the opponent and that he's going to beat his a** and he walks away as Ryan looks over the contract as he panics in the ring.

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