Good morning and welcome to another edition of the WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

We go from the intro to Rey Mysterio's entrance. Josh Mathews talks about Rey's name and his 500 masks. Santino waves to Rey from the announce position like 14 year old fan. Michael McGillicutty is out next.

Rey Mysterio vs. Michael McGillicutty

Santino talks about his never-ending quest to touch McGillicutty's beard. McGillicutty backs Rey into the corner and pats him on the head. McGillicutty gets in the middle of the ring and gets on his knees as Rey just shakes his head. McGillicutty hits a shoulderblock and poses for the fans. Mysterio stops as McGillicutty runs the ropes by himself as Santino laughs. McGillicutty shoves Rey after being embarrassed and tosses him out of the ring. Rey just rolls through and lands on his feet and does jumping jacks at ringside. McGillicutty slides out of the ring just as Rey slides in for more embarrassment. Rey quickens the pace with a dropkick to the shin and a split-legged takedown from the apron. We go to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler gives us a PSA to not try this at home.

We're back as Santino's joins the crowd's "619" chants. McGillicutty hits shoulders in the corner and works the abdominals on the mat. Rey works his way up and stomps on his feet to get out. McGillicutty keeps the pressure on 2 backbreakers across his knee that aren't shown. Rey hits a dropkick from the corner and a split-legged takedown from the top to speed things up. Rey hits a head scissors takedown which IS shown. They trade pin attempts, McGillicutty avoids a 619. McGillicutty gets caught in the ropes and Rey delivers a 619 to his backside. Rey delivers the splash off the top for the win.

Winner by pin: Rey Mysterio

We go to commercial.

Saturday Morning Spotlight: Santino
They show a video package of some highlights and note his obsession with a sock puppet a la Mick Foley.

The voice-over guy segues into WWE's colorful characters as they are shown on the screen. We come to Daniel Bryan. He is asked a bunch of questions: Do you dream of hamburgers? No, I have no interest in hamburgers. Have you ever made a mistake? No, I never make mistakes. Do you know the taste of defeat? No, I win every match, even when I lose. Do you believe in unicorns? No, unicorns are the stupidest fictional character. Do you play video games? No!! Video games are for idiots! Do you like magic? No, magic is pure fiction, I am a man of science (with fists on hips like a superhero). Do you like ice cream? Yes, I love ice cream, especially with almond milk. Do you want a tag team partner? No, I can do everything by myself. Do you like goats? (gets agitated) Do I like goats? No! No! No! No!...

The voice-over guys says, "Sheesh! Sounds like someone needs a hug. They show Kane and Bryan hugging. We go to commercial.

We return to Mick Foley in the control room. He says 14 years ago to this day, Mr. Socko was born. He brings us today's Video Vault of Mr. Socko's infamous birth in Mr. McMahon's hospital room.

We segue into the debate of…

The 3rd Degree: Which is the greatest WWE sock of all time?
WWE superstars give their opinions. Miz picks Socko. Alicia Fox picks Cobra. Truth tries to decide with Little Jimmy. Dolph Ziggler says Cobra is faster and would probably bite Socko but then the taste would make him faint. Truth says Little Jimmy doesn't know so it's a toss-up. Mick Foley says, "Are you serious?" Santino says, last time he checked people weren't running in fear of socks, but they do from cobras. Foley says Cobra is just make-believe and there is no argument here: "Mr. Socko was the best of the 2 ridiculous gimmicks."

Next week is a celebration in music. "See the real one man band; the man behind your favorite WWE Superstar's entrance themes." (Jim Johnston)

But before we go, Santino has requested a moment of our time. He calls a "draw" in the Socko-Cobra debate. He says, "Have yourself a Saturday morning slamming day, Cobra!"

"I hope your never look at your socks the same way ever again. See you next week."

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