Thanks to reader Robert Rimmer for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Hot Springs, AR:

I was at the TNA event in Hot Springs last night and, although it was a smaller crowd, the audience was very much into the show. Here's the details.

Eric Young pinned Gunner via quick roll-up after some highly entertaining comedy spots with the ref. After taking a pounding, the pants came off and EY took the win.

Miss Tessmacher pinned Tara via out of the blue roll-up as well to defend the TNA Knockout Title. Tara sold a knee injury early on, had Earl Hebner escorted from the ring in favor of Bryan Hebner, attacked the champion from behind, then did a few jumping jacks to infuriate the local crowd. Good match, the TNA Knockouts are a league and a half above anything WWE produces.

Chris Daniels and Kaz came out, cutting a promo on the local rednecks and their portly wives. Daniels drew some hellacious heat with his gyrations and bro-affection, funny stuff.

Kaz pinned AJ Styles following some outside assistance from Daniels, who held AJ's foot following a pin. Before the match, Daniels gave Kaz a pro-longed hug, prompting Styles to take the mic and taunt him a bit, with the crowd eating it up. Line of the night: "It's not gay, it's man love!" Before the initial lock-up, Kaz and AJ were visibly laughing. After the match, AJ protested to Hebner about the outside assistance, even bringing a kid over the guardrail to demonstrate the situation.

Intermission. The announcer kept Earl Hebner in the ring, who refereed the last match, and announced 3-4 months ago, he'd ref'd his 100,000th match and would be at the merchandise booth with his son autographing his T-shirt for 10 bucks a pop.

Kurt Angle defeated Chris Daniels via ankle-lock. Hebner sent Kaz to the backstage area due to the earlier interference. Second line of the night, to Daniels: "You got your hug, now kiss him goodbye!" Daniels worked the arm, Angle hit some suplexes, some teases, and, after Kaz's botched return to the ring, Angle slaps on the ankle lock with a wrap and takes the tap-out.

Rob Van Dam comes to the ring with a pro-longed entrance. Matt Morgan comes out of the crowd and a fight ensues without either man really getting the upper hand. Security escort Morgan out, but not before Morgan actually slams his forearm down into the back of one of them, which seemed to induce legitimate shock. He's enormous in person, BTW.

James Storm and Austin Aries defeated Bully Ray and Robert Roode. Lots of comedy spots involved, hilarious stuff. Bully made the point to accentuate his calves, which drew teasing from Storm: "Around these parts, we call them chicken legs", producing "Chicken legs!" chants. Aries, after the initial tie-up, bit Bully's calves, prompting a "Chicken tenders!" chant. Bully bullied Hebner in the corner, invoking Earl's wrath, who ended up biting him on the calves as well. Bobby Roode took a bump to the groin, which started up a "Chicken nuggets!" chant. Finish came when Roode took a delicate sip of Storm's beer, Storm got the tag, connected with a superkick, spewing a fountain of beer mist into the air for the 3 count.

All in all, an entertaining 2 1/2 hour show. Local crowd was smaller than I thought it'd be, but they were vocal and the guys in the ring put on a hell of a show (even if the risks were minimal, one should expect that from a non-televised show).

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