Former Tenured WWE Employee Slams Linda McMahon In Lengthy Facebook Post

I could keep going with paragraph after paragraph critiquing Linda McMahon's lack of appropriate experience, lack of a relevant skill set, and lack of meaningful support for the workers who have made her very, very rich. But I won't.

Look, Linda McMahon is a pleasant person and I enjoyed working with her, but her business experience is limited; she has failed at just about every enterprise outside of the wrestling industry; she has hoarded vast profits for her own family while shutting out her workers; she has slashed the company workforce even while rolling in profits; and, in spite of a lifetime of opportunity she has failed to gain any direct relevant government experience that will translate to success in the United States Senate.

When voters go to the polls in Connecticut they need to play the role of a Human Resources Hiring Manager. From that perspective Linda McMahon is a fine person and she certainly has a nice professional presentation, but her resume is completely lacking in the relevant job skills, and her experience is heavy on failure and light on success. She has had ample opportunity to gain the requisite experience but hasn't made any effort to do so, and clearly doesn't deserve to waltz into the United States Senate simply because she is a passable actress with a nice smile and a fat checkbook.

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