Thanks to reader Nick C. for sending in these results from Saturday's live event in Anaheim, CA:

Tony Chimel was tonight's ring announcer and announced before the show that Ryback vs Jinder Mahal will be a "Fans Choice Match" where the fans get to choose the stipulation via text of either a "2 out of 3 Falls Match" or "Lumberjack Match".

The Usos & Justin Gabriel defeated The Prime Time Players & Yoshi Tatsu after Gabriel pinned Darren Young after the 450 Splash.

Tyson Kidd defeated Heath Slater with a Top Rope Neckbreaker. After the match, The Miz and Cody Rhodes attacked Kidd. Then Cody got on the mic saying they will beat Rey and Sin Cara tonight, which led to The Miz grabbing the mic saying because "WERE AWWWEESOMEEE"!

Del Rio cut a promo on the Jumbotron proclaiming he will beat Sheamus for the World Hvt. Title tonight.

Natalya defeated Aksana via submission with the Sharpshooter.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz & Cody Rhodes when Rey hit a double 619 followed by Rey hitting the Diving Splash on Miz, and Sin Cara hitting the Swanton Bomb on Cody for the win.

Wade Barret defeated Ted Dibiase with the Souvenir Elbow.

Chimel announced that the votes are in for the "Fans Choice Match" and it will be Ryback vs Jinder Mahal in a "Lumberjack Match"!

Ryback defeated Jinder Mahal with the Shell Shocked in a "Lumberjack Match". Afterwards, Darren Young, Miz and Cody attacked Ryback but each got a Shell Shocked from Ryback.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio to the ring and, as he came out, he attempted to tear up a fan's sign of Sheamus. This brought out Sheamus to a big pop.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio in a "Last Man Standing Match" when Del Rio couldn't answer the 10 count after Sheamus hit him with the Brogue Kick. After the match, Dolph Ziggler attempted to cash in his MITB but was unsuccessful when Sheamus gave him a Brogue Kick.

Solid show and the Honda Center was more than half full. All 3 advertised matches happened. Only disappointment was that Ziggler didn't wrestle, but at least he showed up and attempted to cash in the briefcase. Obviously Orton wasn't advertised, since he is filming the 12 Rounds sequel.

Biggest Pops:
Rey and Sin Cara
Ziggler (some pops)
Barrett (some pops)

Biggest Heat:
Del Rio
Cody and Miz
Ziggler (some heat)

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