Matthew Ignatieff, who was at last night's RAW, stated that as CM Punk headed up the stairs and stopped during the closing segment of the show, a man attempted to push Punk down the stairs, which was followed by a flurry of fans pushing and shoving him. Punk turned around and told the fans to knock it off, and one of the fans continued to clock CM Punk in the back of the neck, which caused Punk to retaliate.

A clearer video of the incident is above.

Laura Cole of CBS 13 reported on her Twitter that she spoke to the fan that CM Punk struck, and the fan is reportedly filing charges.

"Just talked to the fan that says he was hit by @cmpunk," she wrote. "He says he never hit Punk. This fan says his face is a little warm after he says @cmpunk hit him. He also says Punk broke his glasses. The fan is still filling out a report with law enforcement."

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