Here are some more preview videos for WWE '13, which goes on sale on October 30, 2012:

X-Pac makes his entrance in WWE '13:

X-Pac hits his finisher in WWE '13:

Dude Love makes his entrance:

Dude Love hits his finisher:

The Godfather makes his entrance:

Godfather hits his finisher:

Kane makes his entrance:

Kane hits his finisher:

John Laurinaitis makes his entrance:

Laurinaitis hits his finisher:

Nikki Bella makes her entrance:

Nikki Bella hits her finisher:

Brie Bella makes her entrance:

Brie Bella hits her finisher:

Alberto Del Rio makes his entrance:

Del Rio hits his finisher:

Santino Marella makes his entrance:

Marella hits his finisher:

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