Hulk Hogan Interview - Sex Tape Release, Aces & 8s Reveal, Bound For Glory, Austin Aries And More

Austin Aries as TNA World Heavyweight Champion: "He crossed the line, he came in fighting for a contract in the X division and talent speaks for itself. I watched him, he had a little NWO vibe to him, a little Macho Man vibe to him, and very talented in the ring. Right away, I said everyone keeps one upping each other, and all of a sudden Austin is showing us this crazy new level that we need to function on all the time. He raised the bar. So right away, when there was an opportunity for Austin Aries to be the champ, I was like I really hope everything works out perfectly with him and the belt. And so far, he has really stepped up and changed the look of TNA all of a sudden. He got himself over; he really stepped up and got himself over first. When you talk about Hulk Hogan, the normal traditional wrestling train of thought mind set from Vince Sr., to Vince Jr., to Eric Bischoff, to everybody I ever worked for is, don't talk about the bald headed Hulk Hogan, don't talk about how old Hulk Hogan is, talk about how devastating he is, and the greatest wrestler of all time. That's always the mindset, and keeping with that old school philosophy, I tell Austin Aries don't talk about your size and being the underdog, it has nothing to do with it. If you're the greatest man in the world, you're the greatest man in the world. At the end of the day, focus on your strong points and that's what he has done and I really think that this kid is going to be around for a long time, actually he's not a kid he's a grown man, but I think he's going to be around for a long time, barring no serious injuries. When I walked in the WWWF, The World Wide Wrestling Federation, when it was 3 W's and an F for Vince Sr., I wasn't the only guy that worked with Andre the Giant, or Swede Hanson, or King Kong Mosca, there were a bunch of guys, Big John Studd, and we all were like okay here is an even playing field and everyone gets a football, let's see how far you run with it. They gave me the ball bro and I ran with it to the goal line and back 20 times. Basically you got to get yourself over. You can push somebody and call them the greatest this or the greatest that. You can push them, but all of a sudden you can push a guy for 18 months and really put your horse power behind him and all of a sudden somebody like a Jeff Hardy can stand in the ring that hasn't been pushed at all and listen to the crowd, the crowd is telling you who they want. All of a sudden you go, oh my gosh, we have been pushing this guy and doing everything we can to get him over and all of a sudden Jeff Hardy walks out there and the crowd is screaming three times as louder than for the guy you put all your energy into. Sometimes you have to switch gears."

Jeff Hardy in the main event at Bound for Glory: "He's new age, he's ahead of the curve, and he's ahead of the whole curve of the professional wrestling business. He's got his own language that he speaks to his fans, he's an innovator. He's way out there and you have to watch and listen to him to understand. I keep telling everyone this whole business is about selling, it's not about who does the greatest move, who's the greatest, the best, the most phenomenal, it has nothing to do with that. It's the art of selling, making people believe and care about the character. When Jeff Hardy sells, he shines while he sells he doesn't die. He's got something, some magic, and if his offense isn't that great, and you've seen the flip, the kick, or the double leg drop, whatever he does. He really comes alive when he starts selling. The more you beat on him, the longer he stays down, the more it starts rumbling. He's something special; this is going to be a great main event."

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