- WWE.com has an article about the arm tape that John Cena was wearing this past Monday on RAW. The tape is called Kinesio Tape, and is a new recovery method to help athletes recuperate from major injuries.

"It basically does 2 or 3 main things," said Chris Arrigo, Cena's physical therapist. "It helps reduce pain eliminate swelling under the skin and helps support the muscles and joints for improved, pain-free movement. The tape lifts the skin to promote the flow of lymphatic fluid, which helps reduce associated swelling."

Arrigo also discussed if Cena would be recovered by Hell In A Cell later this month.

"John's rehab is going well... He is improving slowly but steadily and progressing as expected following the surgery that he had," said Arrigo. "John works as hard as anybody I've ever been around and is doing more than everything he can on his part. The jury's still out on whether or not his elbow will be ready health-wise, but that's the marker everybody is shooting for. Certainly if he continues to improve steadily, day over day, then I would expect that to be a reality."

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