Good morning kids and welcome to another exciting edition of the WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap. We go from the opening theme to the Miz' entrance. Santino is on commentary and he says Miz is like nails on a blackboard.

Miz vs. Justin Gabriel

Miz starts with a big hip toss and brags to the crowd. Miz hits an armdrag and does the same. Miz hits a bodyslam that is not shown. Justin hits his own series of armdrags and a bodyslam which they show. Justin gets 2. Miz regains the advantage and sends Gabriel hard into opposite corners and only one is shown. Miz hits a snap suplex and floats over for 2. Gabriel avoids a kick from a seated position and rolls Miz up for 2. Gabriel knocks Miz down with a shoulder tackle and springs off the ropes but misses with the moonsault and we see him belly-flop. Miz capitalizes with the Skull-Crushing Finale.

Winner by pin: Miz

The 3rd Degree: What is the best Superstar entrance theme? Kofi picks the Ultimate Warrior. Daniel Bryan concurs and shakes some imaginary ropes. We, of course, see clips of Warrior as his music plays. Beth Phoenix picks Kane. Layla picks LayCool(?) Kaitlyn picks Brodus Clay. Ziggler says it's Stone Cold. Cena says of course he has to pick his own. (No Jericho or Undertaker? DX?)

The voice-over guy says it's hard to pick one theme over another and it's only a matter of opinion. But there is one guy in charge of it all: Jim Johnston. Johnston is behind the boards in his studio in what appears to be stock footage from years ago as I remember they spotlighted him about a decade ago on one of these magazine-type shows. Johnston says some of his favorite themes are Rock, Austin, and HHH. He plays some riffs from the themes. For the record, this guy is super-talented and Vince McMahon is super-lucky to have found him back in the day. I've been a huge fan of his work for years.

Sin Cara vs. Jinder Mahal

Cara chases Mahal out of the ring with a series of advancing flips. Santino laughs and Mahal protests. Mahal gets back in the ring and throws Cara with his power. Mahal hits a bodyslam but we get to see Santino's face instead. Cara hits a drop toe-hold and rolls him up for 2. Cara gets the best of Mahal again and Mahal goes out to regroup and complain. We go to commercial.

Justin Gabriel brings us this week's message to NOT try this at home.

We're back as Mahal is trying to ground Cara in the ring. Mahal hits some more unseen moves and gets 2. Mahal applies a bear hug but Cara apparently claps Mahal's ears to escape but we see a little girl in the crowd. Cara bounces off the ropes for a reverse elbow and hits a head scissors take down. Cara catches Mahal's boot and flips him over the top to the outside. Cara hits a corkscrew onto Mahal. Cara sends him back in and corkscrews onto him again but only gets 2. Mahal turns things around with an unseen powerbomb. Cara counters out of another one with a faceplant and goes up top for the Senton Splash for the win.

Winner by pin: Sin Cara

See you next week.

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