Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

We begin tonight with a video recap of recent events involving Aces & 8's. We are 3 days away from Bound for Glory. Tenay tells us that tonight is Storm vs. Aries and Roode vs. Hardy. We go to the ring for our first big match. Christy Hemme introduces James Storm followed by Austin Aries.

James Storm vs. Austin Aries

They go back and forth and Storm gets the first decisive takedown. Aries regroups on the outside and gets clocked again upon his return. Aries tosses Storm over the rope but he holds on and they have a short counter-fest until Aries flies onto him with a suicide dive. Aries brings him in and delivers a neckbreaker across the ropes. Strom drops down from a headlock with a jawbreaker to create some space but Aries won't let up. They trade chops to the chest in the corner. Aries hits a dropkick to the back of the head to a seated Storm from the 2nd rope for 2. Storm takes over with a sloppy boot to the "face" (air) and a leg sweep. They go back and forth. Storm swats away the missile dropkick from the top and they counter each other's moves in a nice exchange. They collide and both go down as Bobby Roode comes down and sends Storm into the steel post and sends him back in for Aries to capitalize on. Aries hits the brainbuster for the win.

Winner by pin: Austin Aries

We go to the back as Wes Briscoe asks Kurt Angle if he can tag along this weekend at the PPV. He leaves and AJ Styles comes in and confronts Angle about where his head is at. He tells Angle to not even bother coming out with him. Hogan and Sting head to the ring as we go to commercial.

We return to Hollywood Hogan and Sting making their entrance together, this time to Hogan's theme. Hogan says we have a little situation since last week. Sting says he's pi**ed off about Hogan not being able to compete with him. Hogan says they made a deal with the devil. Daniels & Kazarian interrupt and come to the ring. Daniels says they picked the most untrustworthy guy in Bully Ray. Kaz calls them Heath (Ledger) and Thunderlips and tells them to cancel their tag match this Sunday and tell Bully that his services are not needed and get Kurt Angle as their partner.

Bully Ray makes his way to the ring. He says he agrees that Angle would have been a great choice but this is not going to be a wrestling match, it is going to be a fight. He says they don't have to be friends; this is business. He proposes Hogan test his trust tonight: Bully & Sting vs. Kaz & Daniels. The crowd goes crazy as Hogan agrees and Kaz & Daniels are beside themselves. We go to commercial.

Hernandez w/ Chavo vs. AJ Styles

AJ hits some kicks to the leg to keep the big man off his game. Hernandez uses his power to throw AJ into the corner like a rag doll and then applies a bearhug. Hernandez keeps momentum with a clothesline. AJ hits a phenomenal dropkick that takes the big man to one knee. AJ hits another one that sends him to the outside, then he follows with a slingshot splash. AJ has words with Chavo at ringside. Back in the ring, AJ springs into the ring but Hernandez swats him away and shoulderblocks AJ across the ring for the upset.

Winner by pin: Hernandez

We go to the leader of Aces & 8's in the usual dark room. He says Hogan plays Chess well but the game is far from over. The camera pans over to Joseph Park who is frantically picking at food from a Styrofoam box. The guy says Park is OK. He says it's funny how a common cause will bring enemies together. We go to commercial.

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