- JB is backstage with Joey Ryan. Ryan talks about the Gutcheck judges and says after he beats Al Snow tonight, he will be a full time TNA roster member. Ryan says he's bringing sleazy back to Bound For Glory.

- We get a promo video for Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow

Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow

We go to the ring and out first comes Joey Ryan. Out next comes TNA agent and Gutcheck judge Al Snow. Snow isn't wearing his old gear but is dressed in workout pants and a tank top. He also doesn't have Head with him but does the gesture as the crowd chants.

They go to lock up and Ryan stalls in the corner. Snow invites Ryan to wrestle him on the mat and he does. Snow sends him to the corner to regroup. Snow does it again but Ryan tries to kick him. Snow grabs the kick and smacks him in the face. More back and forth. Snow smacks him again. Snow with an elbow, a clothesline and a hip toss now. Snow scoopslams Ryan and drops a big elbow.

Ryan turns it around and shows off in the corner. Ryan with a suplex and a pin attempt. Ryan shows off some more after a big right hand and goes back for another. Snow comes back with a clothesline and a back body drop. Al with a series of headbutts and a big slam on Ryan's head for 2. Snow goes under the ring and brings out Head to a big pop from the crowd. Snow brings Head into the ring but the referee grabs it. Ryan shoves Snow into the referee and they go down. Ryan dropkicks Snow out of the ring and grabs Head. Ryan makes out with Head and tosses it. Ryan with a baseball slide but Snow traps him in the apron and fires away. Snow grabs Head again but turns around to a Carbon Footprint from Matt Morgan out of nowhere. Morgan rolls Snow back into the ring where the referee wakes up and Ryan covers for the win. Ryan has earned a contract.

Winner: Joey Ryan

- After the match, Morgan enters the ring as Ryan celebrates. Morgan stands over Snow and mouths something to the crowd. Ryan grabs his leg and gets up. They shake hands. Morgan tells the camera he's going to take out the whole roster.

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