- JB is backstage with TNA Tag Team Champions Kazarian and Daniels to talk about tonight's match.

- We get a video package for the three-way.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Kurt Angle & AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Kazarian & Daniels

We go to the ring and out first comes the team of Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles are out next followed by the TNA Tag Team Champions Kazarian and Daniels.

It's going to be Chavo starting out with Styles. They lock up and trade holds. AJ drops Chavo and tags in Angle. Angle works over Chavo in the corner and drops him with an uppercut. More offense in the corner from Angle. Chavo comes right back and they go at it. Angle slams Chavo and Daniels tags himself in. Angle kicks Daniels on his way out and Styles tags himself in. Chavo drops Styles and in comes Hernandez for some double teaming. Hernandez with a bearhug and a big overhead suplex. Chavo tags in for more double teaming. Another tag to Hernandez for even more double teaming and a 2 count.

Kaz and AJ are the legal ones in now and they go at it. Angle tags in and hits a back suplex on Kaz. Chavo is back in and he goes at it with Kaz now. Lots of tags in the match so far. Chavo beats Kaz down in the corner and back in comes Hernandez for more double teaming. Hernandez with a big backbreaker from his shoulders and tag right back to Chavo. Chavo with a leg drop and a 2 count. Daniels comes back in but Chavo kicks him. Styles and Daniels go at it now. Kaz clothesline AJ while the referee isn't looking. More double teaming by the champs and a 2 count.

Kaz keeps AJ grounded on the mat now. AJ ends up hitting a pele and tagging in Angle. Angle unloads on everyone and clears the apron. Angle with clotheslines for Daniels and a big release suplex. Angle suplexes Kaz and hits the German pair. Daniels goes for a roll up but Angle turns it into the ankle lock. Angle hits the third German on Kaz now. Angle fights them both off. He leaps up to the top and throws Kaz into Daniels. Chavo comes in and Angle drops him also with a suplex. Kaz finally takes Angle down with a DDT. Hernandez comes in but AJ hits a big forearm on him. Daniels with a STO on AJ. Daniels kicks Angle to the floor and hits a Best Moonsault Ever. Hernandez leaps over the top and takes Daniels out with a big shot. Kaz with a hurricanrana onto Hernandez from the top. Kaz lands hard on his shoulder and the crowd chants holy s--t. AJ drops Chavo in the ring. AJ springboards over and out to the floor, taking out Daniels and Hernandez on the floor. Chavo suplexes Angle into the ring and hits 2 out of 3. Angle blocks the third with an Angle Slam. Angle goes to the top but Hernandez grabs him. AJ makes the save and they double suplex Hernandez. Kaz comes in and drops AJ. Daniels hits a BME but AJ barely kicks out at 2.

Chavo leaps from the top and takes out Kaz it looks like on the floor. Daniels and AJ go at it in the ring now. Hernandez tags himself in and takes Daniels down with a shoulder. Hernandez nails Border Toss and Chavo hits the Frogsplash as Hernandez covers for the win and the belts.

Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champions: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

- After the match, the new champs celebrate as we go to replays. Christy Hemme interviews them on the ramp after the match and Chavo is excited. Chavo dedicates the win to Eddie Guerrero.

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