WWE RAW Results - CM Punk's Hell In A Cell Opponent Revealed, Announcer In Action, More

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

- Still to come tonight, the contract signing for Hell In a Cell. Back to commercial.

Matt Striker vs. Kane

Back from the break and Matt Striker is in the ring dressed to wrestle. Out comes his opponent one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Kane.

Striker takes a mic and pleads with Kane. Striker says he's a broadcaster now and not a competitor. Striker just wants an apology. Striker brings up therapy and Dr. Shelby. Kane approaches Striker and wants to hug. They hug it out and Striker goes to leave but Kane stops him. They hug some more. Kane snaps and turns it into a crazy bearhug. Kane chokeslams Striker and covers him for the win.

Winner: Kane

- After the match, Kane sits down beside Striker and tries to interview him. Kane yells about how he is the tag team champions and leaves.

- Still to come tonight, Eve vs. Layla with the Divas Title on the line.

- We see footage from last week where The Miz and Kofi Kingston talked with Larry King and his wife. Kofi will be a guest on MizTV tonight. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and the ring is set up for MizTV. Miz talks about how Kofi Kingston challenged him on Main Events and calls him out. Here comes Kofi in a suit.

They go back and forth on the mic. Kofi says he will beat Miz on Wednesday's Main Event to become the new Intercontinental Champion. Kofi says it will be must see. Kofi proposes a match between the two tonight. Miz accepts and rips into Kofi some more. Kofi tackles Miz and beats him out of the ring.

- Still to come is Sheamus vs. Barrett. Back to commercial.

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

Out comes the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus for a rematch from last week's RAW. Out next comes Wade Barrett. They lock up and go to the corner before trading holds.

More back and forth action. Sheamus with a big clothesline. Barrett blocks the forearm shots on the apron and fights his way back in. Barrett mounts Sheamus with right hands. Barrett with a big pumphandle slam for a 2 count. Barrett ends up on the floor. Sheamus leaps out after him and takes Barrett out. Big Show's music hits and here he comes. Show comes out with a chair as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Sheamus is in control as Show looks on from the stage. Barrett gets hung up on the top rope and beat to the floor. Sheamus follows and whips Barrett over the steel steps. Another block. Sheamus fights his way in the ring but Barrett kicks him right back to the floor. Sheamus makes it back in the ring but Barrett stomps away. Barrett with a big knee to the gut and another. Barrett with a big forearm to the chest and more knees to the head. Barrett boots Sheamus with a big kick to the face.

Barrett works Sheamus over on the floor and brings it back in the ring for a pin attempt. Sheamus makes a comeback and drops Barrett with a backbreaker. Sheamus goes on and hits a powerslam for 2. Sheamus with the forearms from the apron now. Sheamus suplexes Barrett back in and covers for 2. Barrett turns it around and hits the big elbow to the heart for a 2 count. Sheamus blocks Wasteland but gets hit by Winds of Change. 2 count for Barrett. Sheamus fights back and goes for the Cloverleaf, locking it in. Show approaches the ring for a distraction. Sheamus blocks a shot and goes for White Noise on Barrett but it's blocked. Show pulls down the rope and Sheamus tumbles to the floor for the DQ.

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