Shane Helms Discusses CM Punk Fan Incident, 3MB, Jessicka Havok & More

Source: Kayfabe Wrestling Radio

"Now, the ages just get so low that these kids are just barely out of high school and I'm just not afraid of any of them. And maybe some of them could kick my ass; I'm not saying they can't, but I'm just saying on appearance alone. To me that's kind of what's missing, there's very few guys that come out there and I'm like 'Man, this guy's a monster' and you don't have to be big because Adrian Street wasn't a big guy, but I was terrified of Adrian Street when I was a kid. He was just nasty. Buddy Rogers was nasty as hell; I was afraid he'd pull my eyeball out."

His view of the CM Punk Fan incident and his own experience with such a matter: "I guess you should probably just try to get away from the situation, that would be the perfect thing to do; just try to get away from it. But, I'm the wrong guy to ask because I probably would have reacted way worse than Punk did and I have reacted worse than he did when I've been touched by fans. I mean, we are still human beings; just because we are on TV doesn't give anybody any right to put their hands on us. I know there's a lot of fans that say 'He's just a fan; you should never hit a fan'. Well, if you're hitting me, you're not my fan. And even if you are a fan, it's not short for fantastic; it's short for fanatic and a fanatic isn't always a great thing at all times. You know, stalkers are fanatics. Serial killers are fanatics. That (being a fan) doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing. But if you are going into the crowd, you are taking an assumed risk and you are putting yourself into harm's way. You play in traffic, you may get hit; that's just kind of an unwritten rule. But, he was getting poked, got poked more than once and, it wasn't even like the hit was that hard; I mean the guy didn't sell it like it was too hard of, so I didn't know. I just think it was kind of hilarious.

"A situation happened to me in Jonesboro, a guy actually made it all the way into the ring in Jonesboro, AR. You know, the building security, they handle the stuff outside of the barricade; WWE Security handles everything inside the barricade but everything outside of the barricade is arena security. And this arena guy later told the cops 'I thought it was part of the show.' But this guy just walked down the aisle; at the time I was Gregory Helms, I was the Cruiserweight Champion and I was riling the crowd up and I don't remember what I said but I was talking some kind of junk. Some guy got riled up and if you are a good performer you can always pinpoint when you got somebody and I got this little section of people going. Anyway he was big and bad and he came and jumped right over the barrier, and the guard just moved out of the way and said 'Go right ahead' so he jumped right over the guard rail. So, now he's at ringside and I was on the second rope and then I stepped down and now we are in earshot of each other, more so than me just yelling. So, I just kind of said, 'Dude, if you come in this ring; I'll gonna kick your ass' and like a genius, he slid in head first. So, in the end, he faced my boot and I beat the piss out of him and there was about 8,000 of his hometown people there. By the time the cops got there, I had it handled pretty well, but you never know, this guy could have had a knife or some s--t. He could have stabbed me to death or or beat me up, which would have been a great story for the boys in the back but it wouldn't have been a good story for me. So, in retrospect, I probably should have just gotten away from that situation cause you never know what people gonna do. Any kid on the street could get a gun, so there's no telling what could happen."

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