- Sin Cara and AJ Lee will be appearing at the 2012 Ringside Fest this Saturday at 9:15 am at Caroline's on Broadway in New York City's Times Square. You can get more details about the appearance at ringsidefest.com.

- Speaking of Lee, ESPN spoke with the RAW General Manager at the recent WWE '13 preview event in New York City. Lee spoke about playing the game as her own character.

"They asked me who I wanted to fight, and I'm so obsessed with Stephanie I knew I wanted to face her," said Lee. "I love her, but for some reason I also want to fight her, so it was so amazing to see what it would look like if we were in the ring together."

Lee also discussed how her character turned out in the game, you can check out the full article at ESPN by clicking here.

- Speaking of WWE '13, the game's senior designer Bryan Williams discussed the Creation Suite in the game, which includes Create-a-Superstar, Create-a-Moveset, Custom Move, Create-an-Arena and more. You can check it out below:

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