Brodus Clay Discusses His Debut Constantly Being Delayed, His Gimmick, Being Discovered


"I was in Gorilla [position by the entrance ramp] and I was like, 'Finally, finally' since I was chomping at the bit. Got a chance to go out there and could have dropped a pin. Fans were kind of shocked. There was one fan in particular who was dressed up like evil Brodus Clay, and he yelled at me, 'You suck, Brodus Clay' [with] a really sad face. I yelled back at him, 'My bad.' It wasn't for him, I wouldn't have gotten 'My bad.' Everybody laughed and killed the tension, so it was cool.

"Honestly, as much as I thought the Funksaurus was great, to bring the interactive part was a huge risk. [The fans] could have been like 'No.' When The Rock first came out when he was Rocky Maivia and babyface, the fans didn't buy it that way, which was good because maybe that [made] his real personality come out. When you look at it, I didn't know [the outcome], but I knew that I was going to give a hundred percent and own it, and it's a part of my personality. When you're true to yourself, fans tend to see what's truly somebody and what truly isn't.

How far he thinks he can go with his character: "I think the sky's the limit. A good measuring stick was the interactions I had with Big Show, who is arguably the greatest big man left in wrestling. The first time I knocked him down, that crowd went nuts, or when I was with Alberto Del Rio and I got a chance to do battle with Edge. There's been opportunities where I've had measuring sticks to feel it, so I think with the Funkasaurus, when the time is right and the right opponent and right place, I think it can definitely happen. It's the work. You can't be satisfied, you can't think you've made it. You've gotta reinvent yourself, you've gotta go back to where you started. When I'm not on the road, I go see Bill DeMott and train. I still live in Tampa, where I'm close to the training facility.

"You can't ever stop working. I understood that you just can't have a day off. If you start taking days off, you start losing steps or you'll get to a certain point and you won't just go any further. Some of it's luck, but I believe my life has dictated that hard work always pays off. When I do the work, then I should be able to get there. If I don't do the work, then I won't get there, but it'll be nobody's fault but my own.

Brodus also discussed the origins of his name, his travelling partners, where his interest in wrestling began and much more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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