- As noted earlier, Mick Foley and award-winning Australian comedian Brendon Burns will be touring in Australia in February 2013 with their brand new double-handed stand-up comedy show, Good God Almighty!. You can get more details or purchase tickets here.

- WWE.com has posted a video montage of the most "thrilling" moments from Hell In A Cell matches at this link. As you can guess, Foley is prominently featured in the video.

- Speaking of Hell In A Cell, Ross gave his thoughts on the CM Punk vs. Ryback match at this year's event, writing, "I'm intrigued. Anxious to see it. Unpredictable."

Ross also gave his thoughts on Wade Barrett and Sheamus, stating, "Two, TOUGH MEN. Big fans of both."

- Speaking of Ryback, here is footage of him appearing after Dolph Ziggler's match with Zack Ryder on last night's episode of WWE Main Event:

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