Steve Austin Talks The Attitude Era, Current Product, Jim Ross, C.M. Punk & More

On the differences between the Attitude Era and the PG Era: "I can't get too carried away with today's system, it's more of a PG system. But, to me, by and large, it's a little bit toned down. I'm not going to sit here and start a booking discussion. But, in the Attitude Era, it was a little more straight forward, it was a little more faster and a little more Raw. It had a different feeling.

"There was a feeling that when you watched Monday Night Raw, anything could happen and a lot of times it did. I don't so much sense that (now). That's my take on the business then and now, it's still a great business. But, as everything changes, so has the business. So has the WWE."

On whether or not a superstar like 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin find success in today's WWE: "Could a superstar like 'Stone Cold' find success in today's industry? You remember a guy named Jesse Owens in the Olympics? You remember Jim Brown, you remember Babe Ruth? You remember Micky Mantle? Would they be great if they played today? Would they be great if they were born at the current time and put into the system? ... You would certainly think so? Absolutely! 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin would be on top -- the top -- of the WWE if he was currently in the ring in this system.

"When you look at what I did in the ring -- people say, 'Oh, if you took the filters on Steve Austin, he couldn't say all the things he used to say. He couldn't survive.' When you look at any one of my matches and they hold up right now. In 2012 they hold up. So you're damn right I would exist in WWE currently. I'd be a top guy and I'd be beating everybody's ass just like I did in the Attitude Era. And I'm fixing to beat your ass if you ask any more stupid questions."

On the comparisons between C.M. Punk and Steve Austin: "Well, you've got a guy who was pissed off back in the day at the system and ran through every one and everything to get to the top. You had a guy who a year or two ago was pissed off at the system, ready to walk away from it. If you poked him with a stick, he was fixing to. He went out dropped a pipe bomb promo, said what was on his mind. Meant what was on his mind and said what was in his heart and in his gut. It was a believable promo because it was a true promo.

"I think C.M. Punk reached a point that 'Stone Cold' was at a long time ago. So, I think the comparisons are fair. Now, obviously, two different styles in the ring. I think I was probably a little bit more wide open than him a little bit more violent. I think he's a very sneaky young man in the ring. I think he thinks ahead, I think it's a big Chess game to him. He thinks probably more than anyone in the game today going into a match.

But at the same time, I think he would use any method possible to win a match when possible given any particular story line. He'll stop at nothing to win a match. He does have that killer instinct. Sometimes, I think you have to rile him up a little bit more then you do to rile 'Stone Cold' up. I think our ass-whoopings are two different things. But it is a valid comparison and it'd be a hellacious match whether it's on a video game or in the squared circle.

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