What was the driving force behind leaving the WWE: "Over time, it just starts to wear on you. Obviously, it's a massive company and it becomes overwhelming when you're up there and you have a million things going on and a million people telling me that you should do this or that, or be like that or this and I felt, for myself, the way I was was good. It might not have been amazing, but it was good, it was different, and I was ok with that. I was comfortable in my own skin and I thought that came across but when I would get to the back I just felt like, probably like most people who have left the company, I didn't feel appreciated. It's not to bad mouth them or anything like that, I just felt I could bring more to the table then I was being allowed and I could just see the walls being built overtop of me each day and finally I just couldn'tů it wasn't even planned. I was like 'I'm either doing it today or I'm not doing it.' So I just did it. You know, there's always this time when it's like "Oh, what if I would have stayed a little longer, maybe I would have gotten my chance, but you've got to stay with your gut and your instincts and my instincts told me that there were other opportunities for me in this world, and there would be other people to see what I have to offer and appreciate it.

"You know, if the time comes and if we ever cross paths again and me and WWE come to terms maybe it's something we can talk about. I didn't leave on a bad note, and from what I know, they're ok with me and I'm ok with them; I just wanted to try something else. I love what I did though. I love my fans, I love entertaining and being out there. I loved 'Maxine', I mean it was great. It was a good thing."

If she has any future projects coming up shortly: "Yeah, it's a suspense/horror film; I'm extremely lucky for the first film I landed a lead role, Julie is her name. The film is called 'Then the Night Comes' and we film in LA at the end of the year. Pretty much, a murder spree breaks out and the sheriff suspects me, Julie, that I'm the one causing all of this. My father was murdered and pretty much what happens throughout the whole town is that everyone one I come in contact with ends up dead or missing and they can't seem to find out who the killer is and discover what I'm hiding, so it's really a good suspense movie and it has a good cast too. My 'brother' is Massi Furlin, and he was actually just in 'The Dark Knight Rises', he was just in the recent Batman movie, he was in 'Sour Surfer'; he's done some good films. And Romane Simon, who is the director, has already directed over 26 feature films. My 'mother' is Patrika Darbo; she actually was in 'Mr and Mrs. Smith', 'Rango', 'Charlie Wilson's War'. I mean, it's a good cast; I'm extremely nervous but I'm very excited. I'm not going to lie; it's a whole gig for me than WWE. I wasn't expecting something like this to happen; this is what I wanted but you just don't know when or how it's going to happen and I'm very lucky that it did; that I'm getting the opportunity to at least do this and see what comes about."

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