WWE SmackDown Results - Sheamus Vs. Barrett In Lumberjack Match, Orton Vs. Miz, Team Hell No

WWE SmackDown Results - Sheamus Vs. Barrett In Lumberjack Match, Orton Vs. Miz, Team Hell No
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SmackDown begins with the opening theme and pyro. We are in Memphis, TN. Josh Mathews is at ringside with JBL. Lilian Garcia introduces The Miz who is in the ring still sporting his stitches. This is MizTV. Miz talks about his title-loss to Kofi. He says he is invoking his rematch clause for Hell in a Cell. Miz welcomes his guests, Team Hell No.

Miz notes their separate entrances. Bryan and Miz insult each other. Miz says he was Bryan's pro on NXT. Miz says Kane is actually the sensible one of the two. Miz says Bryan is the problem. Kane covers Bryan's mouth as he begins to speak and says nobody cares what Miz thinks and if Daniel is the problem, then he is the solution. Bryan says the devil's favorite demon is nothing compared to the world's toughest vegan. Kane says that is like being the world's tallest dwarf and that Bryan has that covered also. Kane and Daniel argue about being the tag team champions. Big Show comes to the ring.

Show says he doesn't have a problem with Kane but with Bryan. He says he doesn't want to hear about 45 seconds anymore. He threatens to knock out Bryan and he hides behind Kane. Kane tells Show that they don't have to wait for their match on Monday. Ziggler comes to the ring with Vickie. He says Sheamus and Big Show are going to beat the hell out of each other at Hell In A Cell and he will steal the show and cash in his briefcase. Ziggler mentions 45 seconds and Bryan tries to change the subject. Everybody argues and Booker T comes on the stage.

Miz interrupts him and says Booker is predictable and he knows Booker is about to make a match. Booker says he is about to make two main event caliber matches. He makes Team Hell No vs. Ziggler & Big Show. Booker says this man will face Miz and walks off the stage…Randy Orton walks out to cheers. We go to commercial.

Miz vs. Randy Orton

The match is in progress with Orton in control. We see Del Rio and Ricardo looking-on from a skybox. Orton hits a nice clothesline and makes the first cover of the match for 2. Orton hits a side suplex and gets another 2. Miz reverses and hits a knee to the gut off the ropes. Miz knocks Orton off the apron and to the floor. Miz' forehead opens up as we take a break.

Matt Striker asks Del Rio for comments on Orton's RKO last week to Ricardo as a message to him. Ricardo asks, "like the message Kane sent to [Striker]?" Del Rio pats him on the chest in approval. Miz has Orton in a headlock rest spot. Del Rio says Orton is afraid of him and he is the new Apex Predator. We go back to the ring as Miz hits his clothesline in the corner. Miz goes up top but Orton knocks him on his butt. Orton hits a superplex, and covers Miz with his back and gets 2. JBL nicely puts over the face that with the week that Miz has had, Orton is still having a tough time beating him. Orton hits a nice standing dropkick and rolls Miz up for 2. Miz comes back with a DDT but Orton kicks out. Orton hits his DDT in the ropes spot and he really needs to name that thing. He coils up but Miz sidesteps the RKO. Orton counters the Skull Crushing Finale and connects with RKO for the win.

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