WWE Live Event Results From Trenton, NJ (10/19) - Ryback Vs. CM Punk, Santino Scores Upset

A US Title Match follows. It's Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro. They go back and forth, with Sin Cara doing some flips, and landing a spinning head scissors sending Cesaro to the outside. Sin Cara dives out of the ring, but is caught going for a cross body. Back in the ring, Cesaro gains control. The champ hits a sweet back breaker to Sin Cara, followed by a chin lock on the mat. Sin Cara fights out and flips into a roll up. He does a back hand spring elbow. Another roll up. Cesaro throws Sin Cara in the air and hits him with an elbow. He pins for a 2. Cesaro is frustrated. Sin Cara tornadoes around Cesaro, and flips Cesaro out of the ring again. Sin Cara dives out again on to the champ. Back in the ring Sin Cara hits a splash for a 2 count. He kicks Cesaro in the head, goes up top and misses a senton. Cesaro strikes with his neutralizer. Cesaro is the winner and still the US Champion. He exits with a lot of heat.

Roberts thanks crowd. Last, is the Lumberjack title match. Punk and Heyman are out first to a huge pop.  He rips 2 signs before entering the ring. AJ comes out next and announces the result of the poll. Paul Heyman is banned from ring side. He jumps and tantrums in the ring. Referees escort him out up the ramp. Punk grabs a mic. He calls this a conspiracy, and disrespect. He calls a fan "fat man". He tries to refuse to compete, but Ryback's music hits, stopping him. The crowd is loving Ryback. The Lumberjacks come out next. They are all the stars recycled from the other matches of the night. There's "Feed me more!" chants. CM Punk yells to "shut up!" Ryback definitely got the biggest reaction of the night.

Punk tosses his shirt to the Lumberjacks instead of the fans. Antonio Cesaro catches Punk's shirt, and excitedly puts it on. The bell rings and the 2 men have a stare down. They exchange shoves, until Punk is shoved down into corner. The Lumberjacks seem really into it, except Tensai who looks disinterested. Punk is sent to the outside and the 'good guys' throw Punk back in. Ryback lifts Punk above his head and hits a military press. He whips Punk to corner, knocking Punk down. He then whips the champ into other corner. Punk is knocked out of the ring again, and the 'bad guys' gently send him back in. Ryback hits a scoop slam. Punk fights back with knees, but runs into a boot. Punk gets back and hits a clothesline from up top. Some back and forth. Ryback runs into a dropkick. Punk goes up top again coming down with a fist. Up top again, hitting a double axe handle. CM Punk taunts. Punk goes up top again, but this time Ryback catches him, ramming him into the corner. Punk turns it around with a roll up. Punk with a head lock on the mat. Ryback fights out and connects with a back drop. Both men are down. They get back to their feet and Punk gets some blows in. He chops Ryback and the crowd yells "WOOO!" Ryback becomes angry, and hits a powerful clothes line. He flapjacks the champ. Next a power slam. "Feed me more!" chants start up again. Ryback hits another strong running clothesline. Ryback goes for his finisher, but Punk reverses. Punk goes for a kick that is reversed. Punk is slammed down and pinned for a 2 count. Punk got his foot on the rope. Ryback beats on some of the Lumberjacks.  Punk grabs his belt and bashes Ryback. The ref calls for the bell. Ryback is announced winner by disqualification.

The Lumberjacks start fighting and take it up the ramp to the back. Punk gets on the mic, hyping himself and announces himself still the WWE Champion and "Best in the World". He heads up the ramp, but Kane and Bryan appear and throw him back in the ring with Ryback. Ryback lands his shellshock. They hit his music and he plays to the crowd. He grabs a mic, and says that the title will be his at Hell in a Cell.

Justin Roberts closes the show and says goodnight.

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