Paul Heyman Talks C.M. Punk, Stephanie McMahon, His Return, Blurring The Line & More

Paul Heyman Talks C.M. Punk, Stephanie McMahon, His Return, Blurring The Line & More
Recently, Paul Heyman was interviewed by Peter Rosenberg and discussed a plethora of topics. Discussions included; working with C.M. Punk, coming back, blurring the line between fact and fiction, the Steve Austin vs. C.M. Punk WWE 13 and more. Here are some of the highlights:

On what it's been like in WWE this time around and working with C.M. Punk: "I'm having an absolute blast, it's the best of all circumstances. ... Because I'm working with people I absolutely adore working with. I originally came back to work with Brock Lesnar and I couldn't think of a better scenario to come back to WWE (than) with Brock. Then, after Summerslam when Brock went away, I was going away, too, and then came the opportunity to work with C.M. Punk.

"In the same vein that I could think of a better way to return than with Brock Lesnar, I couldn't think of someone I would like to play with as the WWE champion more than C.M. Punk. It's funny that WWE is promoting a Rolling Stones pay-per-view because I feel like we're Mick and Keith out there every week. We get a chance to do out thing, we're winging it half the time -- it's like a jam session with two guys that love music. It's a jam session in the realm of sports entertainment/professional wrestling with two guys who have always wanted to work with each other and never had the opportunity to do so. It's a whole different way for me to play this character, it's a whole new character for me to play."

On how his character is different working with C.M. Punk: "Because I've never really been the silent guy, I've always been the one that did the talking for the monster or the guy that advocates the position for his client to the extent that I'm doing the majority of the talking. On this one, I shouldn't do the majority of the talking, I should just be the guy that stands behind him and holds the title in the air. It's a totally different way to play it because I'm the guy that he gets to bounce off instead of the guy that literally carries the message for him.

"With Brock, I did all the talking and I advocated the position and then he backed it up in the ring. With Punk, it would not make any sense for me to do all the talking. I should do very little talking. 'Ladies and gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman and I'm here to represent the WWE champion C.M. Punk,' and then boom. That's all I should really every say. So, it's a Meyer Lansky-type of position more so than the guy that it up front completely delivering the message for -- by way of example -- Brock Lesnar."

On his on-air confrontations with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and blurring the line between story lines and shoots: "I think that one of the luxuries that I have been afforded since I've come back is that the line has been blurred since day one with me. When I came on TV the first night and made the statement that Brock Lesnar is the only man in history to hold the NCAA division I Heavyweight championship, the WWE Heavyweight championship and the UFC Heavyweight championship -- no one had brought that up on television. I brought it up.

"The second week I'm on television, I have a confrontation with Triple H and I make the statement that I don't understand how you bring a fighter into a sports entertainment company and then complain when he wants to fight. One of the things that really worked well for me is that, although it's in the realm of the story line, there's nothing that I'm saying that I don't truly believe in. I believe in everything I'm saying, I really do. It's not hard for me to advocate for Brock Lesnar, I'm a huge fan of his.

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