Re-Post - Impact Wrestling Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post - Impact Wrestling Results With Tons Of Video
This week's episode begins with a recap of Bound for Glory. We go to the back as Aces & 8's arrive on their motorcycles. Two security guys try to stop them but then they step aside as the gang makes their way to the ring. We go to the big screen where the main guy says seeing the brotherhood stand tall in the ring is a beautiful sight. He thanks Devon and they cling beer bottles in a toast. We go back to the ring where Aces & 8's are all in a line like Nexus. Devon makes his way down the aisle and enters the ring. Taz says he's shocked and he's known Devon for years. Devon goes down the line and hugs all the members.

Devon tells everyone to shut the h*ll up. The crowd says he sold out. Devon says these men have had his back since day one. He runs down the crowd and says the answer to "why?" is because they can. Devon says this group will destroy TNA. He tells "Bubba" that he didn't forget when he put Devon's son through a table. Sting's music hits and Bully leads a pack of back-up as Sting holds him back. Sting says he wants to introduce the TNA roster and they storm the ring and brawl. Hogan's music hits and he comes down with a bat. We go to commercial.

Hogan and the TNA gang are in the ring as Hogan calls Aces & 8's back out. TNA charges at them again and keeps them at bay at the entrance to the Impact Zone. Hogan says they got full access and that means they have to fight. Sting says he wants Devon tonight. Hogan says he either fights Sting of he's out for good. Devon says he's got it. Devon says if Sting doesn't show up they will find him and take care of him in the parking lot.

We go to a video of the Hardy-Aries match from Sunday. We see a graphic for Jeff Hardy and Tenay says we will hear from the new champion tonight.

We go to the back where Austin Aries is looking at a monitor eating a cookie and says it isn't a party without him. We go to commercial.

We're back and Hogan is in his office with Mr. Anderson. He is giving Anderson the 3rd spot in a 3-way tonight to determine who will face Hardy next week for the title; James Strom is already in for winning his match on Sunday. Joseph Park suddenly enters the office. Hogan asks him if he's OK. Park says he needs to talk to Hulk. Hogan tells him he needs 12 guys like him. Hogan tells Anderson and the cameras to give them a minute.

We go to the ring as Christy Hemme introduces Robbie E. with Robbie T. Samoa Joe is out next.

TNA Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Robbie E.

Joe immediately knocks Robbie down when the bell rings and continues with punches. Joe keeps the pressure on. Robbie tries to comeback but Joe just no-sells. Robbie T. grabs Joe's leg from the outside but Robbie E. is unable to capitalize. Joe ducks a clothesline as he's running the ropes and tackles Robbie T. through the ropes on the outside. Joe hits the Muscle Buster and applies a rear naked choke for the win.

Winner by submission and Still TNA Television Champion: Samoa Joe

Robbie T. charges the ring and Joe puts him down as well.

We go to a photo shoot in the back as Tara is being gorilla pressed by Jesse from Big Brother. Tara plants one on him. Tara is in action against ODB after the break.

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