Re-Post - Impact Wrestling Results With Tons Of Video

We see a video from the World Title match from Bound For Glory on Sunday.

Jeff Hardy makes his entrance with his custom title belt. Pyro goes off in the ring as he raises it over his head; confetti falls from the ceiling. Hardy thanks his creatures. Aries interrupts with cookies and balloons. The crowd wants cookies and Aries tells them to hold on. Aries puts Hardy's accomplishment over and hands him the balloons but they go to the ceiling. Aries tries to present the tray of cookies but Hardy slaps it out of his hand. Aries says now Hardy has a target on his back. The crowd chants for Hardy, Aries says in Phoenix they were chanting for him. Some fans begin to chant for him and Aries tells them to shut up. He says he's going to invoke his rematch clause but first he will let Hardy crumble under the pressure. Aries asks to look at Hardy's title because it isn't the one he won. He says it's a spitting image of him and he spits on it. Hardy clocks him and goes for the Twist of Fate but Aries escapes out of the ring.

Daniels talks to the camera as he walks and drinks his appletini. He says he is beating Kurt and AJ tonight.

We go to the ring for the intros. Out first is AJ. We go to commercial.

We're back as Daniels enters followed by Angle.

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles vs. Daniels

Daniels attacks AJ and he is double teamed by he and Angle. AJ and Angle mix it up in the ring. AJ hits a powerful dropkick. Daniels is back in and is taken out again as AJ and Angle focus on each other. Angle hits Germans on both men. AJ clocks Angle in the head with a kick. Kurt counters a Styles Clash with an Ankle Lock; Daniels breaks it up. Daniels sends Angle shoulder-first into the steel post and he falls to the outside as Daniels focuses on AJ in the ring and gets 2.

Daniels dominates and keeps Angle out and takes a bow. AJ fights up and goes for a clothesline as Daniels runs the ropes, Daniels ducks that one but Angle catches him with one. AJ takes out both men and springs off the top with a forearm on Angle for 2. Daniels hits a sit-down powerbomb on AJ for 2. Angle hits a suplex on Daniels and stalks AJ and charges in but AJ ducks and hits the Pele. AJ launches Daniels to the outside and hits a moonsault on him from the apron. He brings him back in, Angle kicks Daniels into AJ, sending him off the apron and hits the Angle Slam on Daniels for the win.

Winner by pin: Kurt Angle

Angle advances to the #1 Contender opportunity. He offers his hand in the ring to AJ but AJ walks away. Angle celebrates in the ring.

We see Joey Ryan's win from Sunday with an assist from Matt Morgan. Ryan approaches Hogan in the back with Morgan and introduces himself. Hogan says he's a fan. Hogan asks Matt what's up with him with all the run-ins. Morgan says Hogan promised to make him into a household name. Hogan says he fought for him but they say he has no charisma. Matt says he going to take everything they've been saying about him and shove it up Hogan's a**. He slaps the wall beside Hogan's face and gets in his face with his intense delivery. When they walk away, a grin comes across Hogan's face and he chuckles in approval.

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