Re-Post - Impact Wrestling Results With Tons Of Video

James Storm walks toward the ring as we go to commercial.

We see a video from the Storm-Roode match from Sunday. Storm comes to the ring and says if you missed it, you missed more than a match and he has the stitches to prove it. He says when he came back, he made a bucket list. He looks at a piece of paper and says number 10 was kicking the crap out of Bobby Roode, check; 9-2 drink beer; he takes a swig; #1: to win back the world championship. He is interrupted by Bobby Roode's music. Roode comes to the ring and puts over their match. Storm asks for a chair because it's easier to kiss his a** sitting down. Roode says he carried Beer Money and he will always be the better man. Storm ponders for a few seconds and hits the Last Call. Tenay says it is the exclamation point in the feud.

Devon does curls in the back; Sting walks toward the ring. We go to commercial.

A clip from Sting's Hall Of Fame ceremony is shown.

We go to the ring and Devon makes his entrance to outlaw-type music. Sting comes down to the ring.

Sting vs. Aces & 8's Devon

Devon attacks Sting immediately and gets in some shots. Sting hits a faceplant and but Devon avoids the Splash in the corner. Sting sends him into the corner and puts the boots to him. Sting unsuccessfully tries to clothesline Devon out of the ring and settles for tossing him through the ropes. We go to commercial.

Devon takes back control in the ring. Devon drops an elbow across Sting's neck on the apron. We get dueling Sting & Devon chants. Devon hits a diving headbutt for 2. Sting fights up but is cut off by Devon. Devon takes his sweet time and misses with the headbutt off the second turnbuckle. Sting fights back with right hands and a flying clothesline. Stings hits the Splash to Devon's back and a Scorpion Death Drop. He applies the Scorpion Death Lock and Aces & 8"s rushes the ring and Sting. The bell sounds.


The TNA locker room empties and a brawl ensues in the ring. Bully runs to the ring with a bat and Aces & 8's retreat as Bully gives chase.

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