Thanks to reader @JoeJr88 for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event in Hartford, CT:

AJ skips out to begin the show. She started to cut a promo, but is quickly interrupted by CM Punk and Paul Heyman, who come out to a mixed reaction. Punk brags that he is the reason that Cena is not here tonight. Punk goes on to say that he is not dressed to wrestle tonight, and insults the crowd a bit as not being worthy enough to see him. AJ says if he doesn't wrestle, she will strip his belt from him. Punk flips out as AJ announces Punk vs. Ryback for the strap as main event.

Brodus Clay comes out to decent pop from crowd dancing around with the Funkadactayls. Swagger comes out to heat from crowd. Good match, Clay wins and brings kids into ring to dance.

Crowd is then asked to text if Rosa should be allowed ringside with Epico and Primo during the tag team championship match later with Team Hell No. It is revealed later that the voting was 54% no/ 46% yes.

Damien Sandow comes out to huge heat. He facing JTG, who seems to be face tonight. Lots of "you suck" chants and heat toward Sandow throughout match as he wins. He happily cartwheels out the ring after his victory.

Next, Layla comes out and the crowd is loving her. Eve gets mixed reaction. Pretty good Diva match. As typical, Eve apologizes and tries to shake Layla's hand during match. Layla reluctant at first, then does it, which results in Eve getting whipped into turnbuckle. Crowd goes nuts for Layla doing her booty shakes. Eve wins to the crowd's disappointment.

David Otunga comes out to big heat. Lights dim to spotlight on him in-ring and as he is posing for crowd. Michael McGillicutty interrupts and cuts a face promo on the mic from the back of the arena. He comes out to whip Otunga in under a minute. Lots of "chicken legs" chants for Otunga, lol.

Daniel Byran comes out to the crowd working him a lot with "Yes!" chants. He rips a fan's sign on his way into ring. Kane comes out, the crowd loves him. His entrance is just not the same and disappointing without the pyro & smoke of a televised entrance. Typical "Team Hell No," arguing in the ring before match, with Daniel getting boos and Kane cheers as they argue over who is the tag team champions. Epico and Primo come out to ring with the crowd almost not even noticing them. "Goat face" chant starts immediately with Bryan taking the mike and screaming he does not have a goat face to the crowd. Team Hell No controlling match with usual unwanted tags and Kane pulling Byran off of a cover. Kane wants a hug, but Bryan won't. Epico & Primo hug first. Then Kane joins in, then the ref. Bryan won't join. Quite comical. Team Hell No wins. After match, Kane has belts and teases Bryan, looks like he's crying as leaving ring. Kane calls him back, they hug it out.


Santino comes out to a huge pop with his typical goofiness vs Tensai. Crowd chanting Albert. Santino misses the cobra couple times, but ends up hitting it for the win.

Sin Cara comes out to a massive pop to face Antonio Cesaro, who gets big heat. Lots of cool Sin Cara moves throughout match, but he loses to a neutralizer.

Main event time. CM Punk and Paul Heyman come out to mixed reaction from the crowd. Punk yells insults and screams at the crowd walking around ringside. Ryback comes out to the biggest pop of night. He is over with the crowd huge! Great match with Ryback controlling most of it. Heyman comes in to hit Ryback during a cover to get Punk disqualified. Ryback tries to shell-shock Heyman, but has trouble. He ends up slamming him. Punk tried to help, but got leveled too. Hayman is out cold, ends up on floor outside ring. Ryback leaves the ring, over even more with the crowd with massive "feed me more" chants as he does his thing on the entrance ramp to end show.

Overall a very good show with a decent size crowd that was very into the matches.

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