- Several Connecticut media outlets are critical of WWE receiving state aid, asking if it contradicts Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon's platform of ending corporate welfare. According to The Hartford Courant, WWE has received nearly $37 million in state tax credits since 2007 through Connecticut's "First Five and Next Five" programs. McMahon's campaign argues that her campaign seeks to end federal subsidies and loopholes, but would not have any input as to how Connecticut distributes its state tax credits.

- Speaking of McMahon's U.S. Senate aspirations, a new Quinnipiac University poll finds her trailing Democrat Chris Murphy by six points, 49% - 43%. According to The Day, poll director Douglas Schwartz stated in a news release that McMahon was "fading" in the state. McMahon's campaign disputes the poll and wonders if the results are politically motivated. According to McMahon campaign pollster John McLaughlin, their internal polling finds McMahon leading Murphy by one point.

"You wonder if there's more of an agenda to this, where they're trying to produce an outcome or discourage the McMahon supporters," said McLaughlin.

Schwartz defended the poll's results and the organization's non-partisanship.

"We stand by our results," asserted Schwartz. "If you look back in 2010, we had McMahon losing by 9 she ended up losing by 12, so I stand by our record for accuracy."

- McMahon has been receiving some flack for her recent campaign ad where she encourages supporters of President Obama to split their ticket and vote for her and the President. McMahon defended the ad to CTNJ, despite being unable to name an area where she agrees with the President. You can watch McMahon's response below:

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