Matt Hardy Discusses Problems With RAW Going To Three Hours, How WWE Can Improve, More

Source: Kayfabe Wrestling Radio

What he thinks the WWE can do to improve themselves and compete with other TV: "I don't think it has to be tacky; I think it does need to be edgy in some ways. Once again, it's just like, last night I watched the show (RAW) and this is one thing, to segway into Crossfire for a second; one thing I hope they do in promoting the TV style is using the qualities that southern wrestling is based on: a new, more edgy engineered product, that when you tell the fans one thing, you don't go back on your word; you stay consistent with that. Last night, for instance, there was a storyline, who knows what it'll develop into, where AJ was removed from being the General Manager of Raw because of some sort of controversial dinner date she has with John Cena, and Vickie Guerrero was placed in charge. She's (Vickie) been been fraternizing with Dolph Ziggler the whole while she was the General Manager and she was also married to Edge. The thing is, wrestling fans aren't dumb; they remember these things and I think when the fans see something like that, they go 'Why would they do that? They didn't do that before; they don't think I don't remember that? Do they think I'm stupid?' I think you just need to keep a consistent thing. I think the days of letting the person that's the General Manager of RAW be a heel, and cheat and do bad things, or have someone you just considered yourself or tagged to be a crazy chick, like AJ, as the General Manager who Vince put in charge. I don't think you can do that anymore. I think if you want wrestling to be taken seriously, you have to promote it seriously and stay consistent and there has to be continuity throughout."

His upcoming match at the Crossfire TV Taping with Paul Burchill and if they had faced off in the past: "Yeah, there was a match or two between he and myself, so I guess it's a rematch but I don't think anyone saw it; I think they happened overseas. Paul Burchill is a really talented guy; I don't think he ever really got the opportunity he should have been given or possibly had the ability to actually earn. That never happened for him, so hopefully in Crossfire, it's a different opportunity for him, but I hate to tell him, he's in for an unfortunate twist of fate come November 3rd, cause he pulled the name of Matt Hardy out of the hat. I'm telling you right now, The Matt Hardy train right now, there's no stopping it; it's full steam ahead on my own terms."

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