Simon Dean Interview - Ryback's Ascension, Who He Sees As A Top Star, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, More

Simon Dean Interview - Ryback's Ascension, Who He Sees As A Top Star, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, More
Mike Bucci, who appeared in WWE as Simon Dean and ECW as Hollywood Nova, joined the VOC Wrestling Nation to discuss the career of Ryback, and how he ascended from a failed WWE Developmental project to being at the top of the card at WWE Hell in a Cell. Bucci was one of the head trainers when WWE Developmental was in Ohio Valley.

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Bucci discussed a variety of topics, and the entire interview can be heard at Here are some highlights:

On being on the trainers in OVW that worked with Ryback: "I love the guy. People are looking at the guy like he's an overnight success, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Ryback was originally discovered by Ty Bailey (former head of WWE developmental) to be a contestant for the first season of Tough Enough and he didn't make it through. I guess they just didn't think he had "it" at that time.

On Ryback being a wrestling fan: "He got signed to OVW and they used to call him the Silverback. This dude trained so hard inside the ring and out of it. He is a true wrestling fan; in this business, if you're not a wrestling fan, you will not last. You'll make money and get over, but there is a difference between making money and drawing money. The guys in this business who draw money are usually the guys who are fans of the business. He is a true fan and a great guy."

On Ryback being compared to Goldberg: "Bill Goldberg came in and made wrestling cool. He was a butt kicker, and everyone knew who he was. There are three types of fans: 1)People who will always watch wrestling; 2) People who will never watch wrestilng; and 3) People who will watch wrestling when they think it's cool to watch it, and Bill Goldberg brought out those types of fans. People are still talking about Bill Goldberg 10 years after his last match. (Ryback has the potential to be that.)"

On why Ryback will succeed: "(Ryback) busted his ass so hard to make it. This guy will not be a drug addict, he will not be a goof; he will not embarrass the company. If I were a kid right now, I would love this guy; he looks like a real life superhero. He's a larger than life figure. When he comes out, you know things are going to happen, and people are going to get hurt. When you look at the roster, there is nobody else like that right now."

On Ryback being able to survive as a character: "Vince always goes to the muscle guy. They had it with Cena for a long time. (Ryback) has a ton of personality. He can talk, he can do all of that; but people are going to pay to see him kick ass. They're trying to build a star, so for me (on Sunday at WWE Hell in a Cell), he HAS to win. He's gotta hit the finish 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring, no screwjobs. Wrestling titles are fake, nobody wins the title, it's given to you. They have the opportunity to do something special here, and I hope they don't screw it up."

On the days of a slow build-up of a star being gone: "The slow build is done. There are so many channels on TV, and we live in an ADD society. People don't have as much commitment anymore to sit there and salivate over a guy that they hope is being created over 6 months. "

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