Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video
This week's show starts with a video recap of recent events involving Aces & 8's and Jeff Hardy & Austin Aries. It's Championship Thursday.

We go to Hogan's office. Hogan thanks Hardy for taking TNA to somewhere it would have never gone. Hardy says whoever Hogan chooses for him to face is in for a fight. Hardy leaves as Hogan wishes him luck.

As Hardy leaves, Angle, Bully, Anderson, and Storm are on the other side of the door. The footage slows down and we hear Hardy's thoughts as he passes each man. Weird.

-We go to the ring and after a short pyro display, RVD is introduced. Jeremy Borash and Todd Keneley are on commentary for the first hour.

X-Division Championship: RVD (c) vs. Zema Ion

The crowd starts a loud 'RVD' chant as the men lock-up. They go to a stalemate after a nice exchange. Ion begs-off in the corner. RVD hits a delayed press slam and 2 moonsaults for 2. Ion goes to the outside to recover. RVD hits a baseball slide under the ropes. Back in the ring, RVD sends him in but Ion ducks and RVD flies over the top and to the floor. Ion hits a dive onto RVD on the outside and brings him back in. Ion hits a vertical DDT in the ring for 2. He stomps RVD's face and goes up top but misses with the corkscrew from the corner. Both men struggle to get up. RVD hits a springboard reverse kick and Rolling Thunder. RVD goes up top and connects with the Frogsplash for the win.

Winner by pin And Still X-Division Champion: RVD

Matt Morgan attacks RVD with a big boot to the face as RVD celebrates his win. Joey Ryan gets in also and talks trash to a laid out RVD while holding the title. Morgan tells Hogan that he should be careful in wishing to see a different side of him.

We go to Austin Aries peeking in Hogan's office door in the back. He berates Hogan's movies as we go to commercial.

We're back as Kazarian & Daniels enter the ring. Kaz says that they are the victims of a conspiracy. Daniels has a clipboard in his hands. They get loud 'You Suck' chants. Kaz says their titles were taken illegally by two men who are probably in this country illegally. They have a petition to get a rematch for their titles. They get signatures from fans at ringside. Chavo & Hernandez come out to the ring.

Chavo says he and Hernandez are here to help. Nothing would make them more happy than to give them a rematch. They take out Kaz & Daniels from the ring. Chavo & Hernandez sign the petition and say anytime anyplace.

-We go to Hogan's deliberations in his office. He asks the men why they should get a title shot. Each man makes his case. Hogan eliminates Anderson because he doesn't have the fire. Aries confronts Anderson as he leaves the office and says Aries was going to give him a shot when Aries was champion. Aries says he's a bigger a-hole than Anderson and they brawl. Anderson gets the upper-hand and Aries challenges him to a match for tonight. Somebody yells 'CUT!' as we go to commercial. Is this a movie?

We return to a meeting of Aces & 8's around a table. Devon says he has spoken to the president and under no circumstances will the masks come off. Devon says he has some ladies for entertainment. He says they have to take someone out tonight. One guy gets up and throws a dart at a poster the TNA roster. Devon says they found their victim and they toast with beers.

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