Re-Post - WWE SmackDown Results With Tons Of Video

Winner by pin: Wade Barrett

Del Rio gets in the ring and begins to decimate Orton. Orton ducks a kick to the head and goes for the RKO but Del Rio slips out of the ring. We go to commercial.

Layla & Kaitlyn vs. Aksana & Eve

Layla starts off with Aksana. Layla gets a nice takedown for 2. Kaitlyn tags in and resumes control of Aksana. Kaitlyn hits a backbreaker and attacks Eve on the apron which gives Aksana an opening to shift the momentum. Aksana tags Eve. Kaitlyn hits a reverse elbow and brings Aksana in and take them both on. Layla comes in as well. Kaitlyn holds Eve for Layla but Eve ducks and Layla kicks Kaitlyn in the head. Eve makes the cover for the win.

Winners by pin: Eve & Aksana

We go to commercial.

-We go to the actual RAW Rebound with AJ Lee.

-We see Sheamus slowly pacing in the back. Booker approaches him and says Show has already promised to be cool tonight. Sheamus says that is a bigger lie than Big Show himself and that he can't promise Booker anything.

-Kane approaches Daniel Bryan in the back and says he won his match so if Bryan loses his, it's obvious who the tag team champions is.

Daniel Bryan makes his entrance as we go to commercial.

Daniel Bryan vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow cuts a promo on his way to the ring. Bryan starts off with shots to the head and Sandow slides out of the ring but Bryan gives chase and Sandow gets the advantage on the way back in. Their respective partners are on commentary. Sandow hits a clothesline in the corner but Bryan drop toe-holds him to the turnbuckle and hits a dropkick out of the corner. We go to break.

We're back as Sandow stomps Bryan on the mat. Sandow hits his Elbow of Disdain but Bryan kicks out. Sandow keeps the pressure on. Bryan picks up the pace with a clothesline and a running dropkick in the corner for 2. Bryan lands No Kicks and launches Sandow over the top in front of the announcers and hits a dive onto Sandow. Cody gets up from the table and Bryan shoves him. Sandow attacks Bryan from behind. Kane gets up and stalks Sandow. Cody sends Bryan into the steel post. Sandow hits his finisher in the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: Damien Sandow

We go to commercial.

Josh Mathews is in the ring with security personnel and he introduces Sheamus then Big Show. The security form a line across the ring to separate the two. Show puts over his KO Punch and says it's more devastating than the Brogue Kick. Show sends to footage from 3 weeks ago on RAW of Sheamus attempting to Brogue Kick him and getting tossed out of the ring. Show says Sheamus' boot got to his chest level. Show says he is a giant and Sheamus can't kick him in the head. Sheamus says when Show became #1 contender, he began salivating. He puts Show over as a legend. Sheamus says he's ready. Show says he's scared. Sheamus says he'll choke him down to size if he has to and hit him with as many Brogue Kicks as it takes. Sheamus says the time for fighting is now and he pounces on Show through the security. They both systematically take out all the security and Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick but Show ducks out of the ring and says he'll see him Sunday. They have a stare-down as the show goes off the air.

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