- WWE.com has a photo gallery looking at face-painted Superstars. Some of the wrestlers profiled include Sting, The Boogeyman, Papa Shango, Demolition, The Road Warriors, Crush, Tensai, Jeff Hardy and the Ultimate Warrior. You can check out the full photo gallery by clicking here.

- Jim Ross was shown during the Oklahoma Sooner/Notre Dame game yesterday. Ross, who is a well known huge Sooners fan, was shown on their sideline.

- Adam Copeland, a.k.a. Edge, recently appeared on the "Ministry Of Slam" wrestling radio show in the U.K. and stated that he did not miss wrestling.

"The only part that you miss is the adrenaline rush from the crowd y'know, because you can't bottle that!," Copeland admitted (props to FSM for the transcription). "You'll never be able to match that! I really don't miss the way I was feeling by the end of my career. I would be in the ring thinking of things I'd never had to think of before, such as the limitations my body was placing on me. My mind was not necessarily understanding what was going on! (laughs) It was like my brain was saying, 'Hey come on, let's do this', but my body was like, 'Woah there'. Obviously, I had pressure on my spinal chord which I didn't realise at first, and it was making my arm tremble."

You can read more from the interview here.

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