We had reported earlier this afternoon that it appeared that former WWE creative writer Andrew Goldstein was running the "Cranky Vince" Twitter account. We noted that when news broke earlier last month that Brian Gewirtz had been removed as head writer of RAW, Goldstein posted a "Cranky Vince"-ish message on his Twitter account, stating, "I HAVEN'T HAD THIS MUCH FUN FIRING A JEWISH WRITER SINCE THE FIRST 6 TIMES I FIRED @HEYMANHUSTLE. KOSHER WOOD." Goldstein immediately deleted the message, and the message was not posted on the "Cranky Vince" account.

Goldstein sent me an email about the report earlier today, stating that he was not "Cranky Vince." He also posted the following on his Twitter about the report: "The good people at @WrestlingInc should check their sources before running with a news story. Sad to say I am not @CrankyVince... Sad to say I am neither funny enough or well connected enough to be @CrankyVince. Tweet in question was work to gain followers... It worked, gained over 100 followers just by tweeting in all caps and quickly deleting... Secondly, I havent had power, wifi, water, or cell service since Monday so the recent tweets in question couldn't have been me"

I would like to apologize to Andrew, and we have edited the original article.

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