TNA Impact Results: Aces & 8's Member Unmasked, Matches Made For Turning Point, Open Fight Night

Winner by pin: Jesse

-Mike Tenay takes over but Jeremy Borash remains. Tenay says Taz is taking care of things back home in the wake of Super-Storm Sandy.

-The Robbie's make their way to the ring. Robbie E. calls out Jeff Hardy. Hardy comes to the ring.

Open Fight Night: Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E.

Robbie attacks Hardy on the apron as Hardy makes his entrance but Hardy goes to work. Hardy hits a combination of signature moves and makes the cover for 2. They go to the floor and Hardy sends him in shoulder-first to the steel steps. Hardy hits Poetry in Motion and sends Robbie in. Robbie T. attacks Hardy on the outside as we go to commercial.

Robbie E. is in control in the ring as we return. Hardy comes back and takes Robbie T. out with a front dropkick through ropes and another one to Robbie E. in the ring. Robbie E. counters a Twist of Fate for a 2. Hardy hits a front suplex and the Twist of Fate and goes up top for the Swanton for the win.

Winner by pin: Jeff Hardy

Hardy celebrates in the ring as Austin Aries congratulates him from the stage. He has the World Title and tells Hardy to pick his ugly belt back up. He says the only difference between the two is 3 seconds and he will climb the ladder again. The crowd tries to drown him out and he says he is still the greatest that ever lived. Hardy pulls out a ladder from under the ring and climbs it. Aries said it was just a metaphor. Hardy says let's make it more than a metaphor and challenges him for a ladder match at Turning Point. Aries says he is a wrestler and storms off.

-We go to a video of Matt Morgan confronting Hulk Hogan at his store opening in Clearwater, FL. Morgan takes a robe Hogan wore at Shea Stadium and says to watch the history he makes with it. Hogan says he can't take that. Morgan gets in his face and says that he just did. We cut to Hogan watching a monitor in the back and we catch him saying, "Starting to figure it out." He is approached by James Strom who asks him for a chance at the title. Hogan asks if he is a betting man and says he might have an idea for Storm. We go to break.

Bobby Roode enters the ring. He says he is not here to fight but rather to state a fact. He says he is being screwed. He says Hogan screwed him out of a title opportunity last week. He says there was a stipulation that as long as Aries was champion that he would not get a rematch but Aries isn't champion any more. AJ's music hits and he comes to the ring. AJ says he's the one who should be World Champion. AJ keeps flubbing lines. He talks about being preoccupied with the Claire scandal while Roode was champion for a record time. AJ says getting caught on camera with a member of the opposite sex must be a fad if your name is AJ. Ouch! Roode slightly smirks and nods in approval. AJ challenges Roode right now and takes his shirt off. Roode says he isn't here to fight and says no and walks away. Roode cheap-shots AJ from behind. AJ recovers and clotheslines Roode out of the ring as Hogan's music hits. He comes on the stage with Storm.

Hogan says they both deserve their title shot but it is completely in their hands. He says the guy who gets pinned in the match he is about to make won't get another title shot until Bound For Glory of next year. Hogan makes a Triple Threat for Turning Point between the 3 men for the #1 Contendership.

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