Re-Post - TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post - TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video
We begin tonight with a memoriam to Brad Armstrong and Robert Bradley James. We go to a recap video of Aces & 8's. It's Open Fight Night. We go to pyro and we are welcomed by our 1st hour announcers.

Joseph Park is in the ring and he is his nervous usual self. He says he's here for Open Fight Night but he's not a wrestler but an attorney. But after the civil rights violations perpetrated by Aces & 8's he realized that it doesn't matter because he's a man. Hogan has yet to give him the go-ahead. Park has found a loophole to his not being on the roster and it is Open Fight Night. Park challenges any member of Aces & 8's; they come down to the ring.

Park says he said only one. The men get in the ring and Kurt Angle runs down to the ring and gets jumped. Sting's music hits and he comes down with the bat as the masked men retreat. Sting says tonight somebody from Aces & 8's will get their mask ripped off their face.

-Devon will face Bully Ray tonight and it is Gut Check.

-Magnus is asked in the back and says he is not concerned with Aces & 8's but rather unmasking another phony. We go to commercial.

-Jesse complains in the back to Tara about having to face ODB tonight. Tara consoles him and says she has his back. Jesse asks to be sterilized and she gives him sanitizer before they kiss.

-Magnus makes his way to the ring. He calls Samoa Joe out. The crowd chants, "Joe's gonna kill you." Magnus says he has an issue with Joe being Television Champion. He says Joe has a 'radio face' like Howard Stern. Joe's music hits and he comes down to the ring. They go right at it as the bell rings.

Open Fight Night - TNA Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

Joe sends him hard into the corner and hits an Enzuigiri. Magnus gets caught off the ropes into an atomic drop. Joe follows up with a nice combination and gets 2. Joe hits shots to the face but Magnus gets a flying knee in to the face. Magnus hits a big clothesline off the ropes and gets 2. He applies a rear choke but Joe fights out. They trade shots and Magnus drops Joe but Joe rebounds with a Rock Bottom in the corner. Joe clotheslines Magnus out of the ring. Magnus looks for something under the ring. Joe comes out and they mix it up. Joe sends him into the steel post. Magnus grabs a wrench from under the ring and gets in the ring. Joe gets in and Magnus clocks him square in the head with the wrench. Hebner calls for the bell and Magnus goes to hit him too as Hebner escapes out of the ring.

Winner by disqualification and STILL TNA Television Champion: Samoa Joe

-We go to Hogan's office with Park and Sting. Angle storms in with Wes Briscoe and Garett Bischoff and says he wants Devon tonight. Hogan says if there is anything left of him after tonight then he'll get Devon at Turning Point. Angle agrees but says he has some back-up and he's ready to fight. Sting says, "Let's go rip off some masks." Hogan says to tear them all off as we go to commercial.

Joe is icing his head with a trainer in the back and he's fuming. He says Magnus has made the biggest mistake and says he will kill him. He wants to throw out the rules.

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