Re-Post - WWE SuperSmackDown Results With Tons Of Video

Young starts things off with Cara and gets the upper hand on him. Young gets 2 on Cara and tags Titus. Young tags back in quickly and resumes control. Cara gets a boot up in the corner and hits a DDT off the ropes to create some space but Titus beats him in the ring. Cara kicks Titus in the head and makes his tag to Rey who speeds things up against Titus. Rey knocks Young off the apron for good measure. Rey hits a split leg off the top and a legdrop to Titus' legs. Titus is set up for 619 but Young interferes with Rey causing Cara to launch himself onto Young on the outside. Titus hits a sit-down powerbomb on Rey in the ring for the win.

Winners by pin: The Prime Time Players

Matt Striker interrupts the in-ring celebration. Titus blows his whistle and takes the mic and proceeds to conduct the interview. They do the "millions of dollars" shtick. Titus makes Striker say it too. They say Matt has the right to do the dance with them but they banish him for not being good. The PTP continue to celebrate as their music hits. We go to commercial.

We return to the footage that Vickie Guerrero revealed last night on RAW involving AJ and John Cena. Josh and JBL discuss things at ringside. Vickie has new footage from an anonymous source that we will soon see.

-We go to Booker's office with Teddy Long. Teddy recites his sentiments from last week about the volatile situation on RAW. Booker asks Teddy if Vickie could make matches like him. Teddy seems unsure at first and then complies. Booker accuses him of being a suck-up but then laughs and says he was just kidding.

-We go to the ring for Wade Barrett's entrance followed by The Big Show and then to commercial.

Big Show and Wade Barrett stand side by side in the ring as we return and they await their opponents. We see the bar footage again. William Regal is out followed by Sheamus.

Sheamus & William Regal vs. Big Show & Wade Barrett

Sheamus and Regal charge the ring and begin to stomp-out Show after Regal takes out Barrett. Show and Barrett are both taken to the outside as Sheamus and Regal stand tall in the ring. Barrett and Show slowly get their bearings back and Show tags out to avoid Sheamus. Wade and Sheamus circle each other as Wade gets in some kicks and strikes and backs Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus fights out and takes Barrett down with a headlock and hits a shoulderblock for 2. Regal tags in and goes to work on Barrett. Sheamus tags in and quickly back out after a 2 on Barrett. More quick tags from the faces as they keep Barrett away from his corner. Show scolds the ref from the apron. Show seems rejuvenated in his role lately. Wade gets an opening on Regal and sends him into Show who hits a headbutt on Regal and tags in legally. Show drops a huge elbow on Regal they double team him as Sheamus protests. Sheamus comes around the corner on the outside to keep them off Regal. Back in the ring, Show stays in control of Regal as we go to commercial.

We're back. Barrett drives Regal's back into the corner as he screams out in agony. Show tags back in for more punishment on Regal. Regal writhes in pain. Show lands chops to the chest in the corner and hits a big boot to a seated Regal and then tags Barrett. Barrett drops a knee and gets 2. Regal fights up from a headlock and powerslams Barrett to escape. Regal hits a running elbow out of the corner to Barrett's face and both men make their respective tags. Sheamus turns it up against the Show as the crowd cheers. Sheamus finally knocks Show off his feet with a flying axe-handle and hits a shoulderblock from up top. Sheamus pounds his chest and knocks Barrett off the apron which gives Show just enough time to deliver a giant spear. Regal comes in off the tag and gives Show all he has. Show hits him with the KO for the win.

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