Re-Post - WWE SuperSmackDown Results With Tons Of Video

Winners by pin: Wade Barrett & The Big Show

-Josh & JBL send to video of Del Rio & Orton's recent confrontations including the melee from Monday.

-We go to the back as Matt Striker interrupts Del Rio and Ricardo. Del Rio says the only reason Orton got the best of him was due to attacking him from behind. He says that one on one, he will beat Orton. Del Rio dismisses Striker. Rosa Mendes shows up and wishes Del Rio luck as we go to break.

We return to footage of Brad Maddox on RAW from last night.

-We go to Striker who is standing by with Randy Orton backstage. Orton says that he is about to embark on one of his most brutal matches so Del Rio calling him names doesn't concern him. He puts Del Rio over a little and says they are going to get sick and twisted. Orton says this is one of his favorite types of matches because he enjoys showing people how sadistic he can get. His music plays and he walks off the shot. We go to the ring where Orton appears from behind the curtain and starts to make his entrance as we go to break.

We return as Orton poses on the ropes. Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio.

Falls Count Anywhere: Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

JBL says this is Pacquiao vs. Mayweather without the gloves. They lock-up and Orton sends Del Rio into the corner. Del Rio reverses things and hits kicks in the corner. Ricardo produces a chair from under the ring and hands it to Del Rio. Orton kicks it out of his hand. Del Rio sets the chair up in the corner in between the ropes. Orton hits a standing dropkick and sends Del Rio out of the ring. Orton stalks Del Rio on the outside and drives his head into various surfaces at ringside. Del Rio fights back as Ricardo fiddles with the ring apron again. Del Rio avoids Orton and escapes through the fans. Orton gives chase and they fight to the back as we go to commercial.

Orton and Barrett continue to brawl backstage as we return. They fight back toward the arena. Orton goes for a DDT across the steel security rail but Del Rio fights out and gets the upper hand on Orton. They brawl up the steps and Orton makes a cover for 2. Del Rio hits a Superkick and makes a cover for 2. Del Rio poses, mocking Orton as we go to commercial.

We're back. Orton is laying on the floor at ringside as Del Rio sets up a steel step in the ring. Del Rio continues to send Orton into things at ringside and makes a cover on the floor for 2. They fight up the ramp toward Del Rio's Ferrari. Orton launches a charging Del Rio over his head and onto the top of the ramp for 2. Ricardo jumps on Orton's back but Orton gets rid of him on the stage. Orton hits a kick to Ricardo's abs and stuffs him into the phone booth on the British themed stage. Orton makes his way down the ramp and sends Del Rio in the ring. Orton hits a series of clotheslines as Del Rio bumps. Orton hits his patented powerslam and sends Del Rio head-first into the chair in the ropes in the corner. Orton picks up the chair and hits Del Rio across the back and hooks the far leg for 2. Orton coils but Del Rio counters the RKO with a backbreaker and gets 2. Orton fights Del Rio off on the apron. He attempts to suplex Del Rio over the top and onto a table set-up at ringside. Del Rio counters and hits his patented kick to the head of Orton. Orton teeters and falls back onto the table. Del Rio goes out and makes the cover on the broken table but Orton somehow kicks out.

Del Rio grabs a mic and tells Orton, who is laying on his back in the ring, to stop trying to be the Apex Predator because that part had already been taken by Del Rio. He tells Orton to get read to tap out and snaps on the Cross Arm Breaker. Orton struggles and reaches the mic and hits Del Rio across the head with it to release the hold. Orton is slow to get up and Del Rio sends him in shoulder-first to the steel post. Del Rio picks up Orton on the apron and goes for the signature Orton DDT in the ropes but Orton hops off the ropes and tries to fight Del Rio off, only to get face-planted on the steps in the ring. Del Rio grabs a chair and reaches back over his head to deliver a stiff blow to Orton but Orton gets up and hits the RKO onto the steps and makes the cover for the win.

Winner by pin: Randy Orton

Orton celebrates in the ring as Super SmackDown Live goes off the air.

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