TNA Impact Results: Sting Beaten With Hammer, Final 'Turning Point' Hype & More

-We go to the Gut Check office where deliberations are taking place between Taz, Prichard, and Snow. Taz say it's a no-brainer. He says he didn't even get a chance to watch it on TV because he had no power but he caught the footage in the truck when he got back and it's a no-brainer. I agree with him, that was the most impressive Gut Check yet. They wonder if York can make it as a singles wrestler and why he hasn't blown already after 10 years in the business. Snow references Beer Money and their subsequent singles careers.

-We go to the ring as Kurt Angle is introduced by Christy Hemme. The lights go down and Sting is out next. We go to a commercial break.

Sting & Kurt Angle vs. Doc & Devon of Aces & 8's

Taz and Tenay have joined commentary as Devon and Doc make their way through the crowd. Sting and Angle attack them at ringside and all four men fight at ringside. Sting sends Doc in and the bell rings. Sting hits a DDT in the corner and gets 2. Devon provides the distraction and Doc hits a clothesline on Sting and tags Devon in. Devon beats Sting down in the corner and drops an elbow for 2 and tags Doc in for some double teaming. Doc drops repeated elbows and gets 2. Sting works his way up but gets knocked back down and Devon tags in with a big time legdrop on Sting. Devon sucker-punches Angle on the apron. The quick tags and decimation of Sting continue. Sting and Doc hit each other with clotheslines at the same time. Both men crawl and make tags. Angle explodes on Devon. Doc comes in but Angle hits him with a nice dropkick off the 2nd rope. Angle hits Germans on both men. Angle is on fire as he hits the Angle Slam on Devon but Doc breaks it up. Sting comes in and hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Doc and applies the Scorpion Death Lock on him. Devon produces a bat and hits Angle in the stomach and Sting in the back as the bell rings.

Bully runs down and clotheslines Devon in the ring and goes to ringside and grabs a table. Bully is a madman and the crowd is on fire as Bully sets the table up in the ring but Devon escapes and Bully gives chase. Sting goes to powerbomb Doc onto the table when 2 masked men enter the ring and one hits him with a hammer as the other one stomps Angle in the corner. Doc chokeslams Sting through the table as we see a good shot of the ball head hammer. Angle falls out of the ring as the masked men stand over sting. Doc takes the hammer and hits Sting in the chest and hand with it. Doc continues to beat Sting in the back and chest with the hammer. He hits the other hand also. Wow people. Samoa Joe, Hernandez, & Chavo come to the rescue as Aces & 8's retreat. Sting is laid out as the medics check on him. Joe has the hammer as the table is removed from under Sting and he is slowly escorted out of the ring and to the back. We go to commercial.

We return to a somber Mike Tenay who sends to a replay of Sting's beating.

-We go to the ring for the Gut Check results. Christian York is introduced. York says he knows he did his best last week. Taz tells him he did a great job and he has the it-factor. Taz says, "yes." Bruce Prichard says York has been in the business for 16 years and wonders if he indeed does have "It." Prichard says, "yes" and welcomes him to Impact Wrestling. York cuts a promo about following your dreams.

-Aries is on the phone and walks by Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan arguing. Bully tells her he can't calm down after what he promised her dad. They stop talking as Aries walks by and Aries takes notice but keeps walking. We go to break.

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